Posted on August 26, 2014

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), one of leading petrochemical powerhouse in the region and a pioneer in petrochemical production recently held a ceremony in its Doha headquarters to welcome the new scholarship students to the company.

On the occasion of the ceremony, Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, Vice Chairman and CEO of QAPCO, welcomed the new scholarships students to the QAPCO family by saying, “At QAPCO, it is our role to invest in the future of our country, by supporting the talented youth of our beloved nation and by providing them with the means to reach their aspirations. Human capital is one of the most precious assets of Qatar and we believe our new scholarship students hold tremendous potential. We are committed to accompanying them through the different stages of their education and professional path. Moving towards a knowledge-base society, it is crucial to ensure that the younger generations are well equipped with the relevant skills and the latest scientific knowledge to contribute towards building the future success of our country and industry.”

As part of its scholarship program, QAPCO will provide all the necessary resources to these promising young men and women for the duration of their undergraduate education, including tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, textbooks and supplies, and international travel if required. The Qatarization Section of the company will also provide continuous support and assistance through regular follow up and communication from a team of experienced Career Counselors.

QAPCO welcomes its new Scholarship 2 [].jpgDr. Al Mulla also added “We are pleased to witness that the petrochemical sector is more attractive than ever before. However, the future of our industry depends on the talent we nurture today. We are delighted to welcome such high caliber and motivated scholarship students to QAPCO. They will directly contribute to the sustainable growth of our sector.”

Furthermore, Dr. Al Mulla stated that QAPCO is committed to contributing to Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and believes that this Scholarship program supports Qatar’s quest for learning. “Building the modern State of Qatar through a Quality Nationalization initiative, and strengthening industry-academia collaboration to enhance the knowledge and skills of Qatari Nationals is our goal,” he mentioned.

Eng. Abdulla Ahmad Naji, QAPCO’s Learning & Development Manager, supported Dr. Al Mulla’s statement, describing the ceremony as “A great way to welcome our new students to the QAPCO Family”. Eng. Naji continued: “I believe that the QAPCO Scholarship Program is one of the best in the region as it provides everything that the students require, including a long-term rewarding and inspiring career path. We are dedicated to supporting their development and to help them succeed professionally.”

QAPCO welcomes its new Scholarship 3 [].jpgEng. Naji also stated: “I can speak from personal experience about the benefits of QAPCO’s approach to developing their staff. Since I joined the company in 2002, I have been encouraged to study both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in the UK. After working hard and achieving all my company performance targets, I have been promoted to my current managerial position. This was achieved thanks to the support of Dr. Al Mulla, our VC&CEO, the Learning & Development Department and all the training specialists and professionals currently working in the company. I believe that if you study hard and perform to the best of your ability, there is really no limit to what you can achieve at QAPCO.”

QAPCO continuously reaches out to the Qatari youth through an array of initiatives aimed at supporting their educational journey and shaping the talent of the future. To support the company’s growth ambitions, and in line with its Quality Qatarization policy, QAPCO always aims to recruit talented and motivated students, by offering them stimulating careers in various disciplines within QAPCO.

Since its inception in 1974, national leadership is one of the driving forces of QAPCO and gives the company its unique cultural identity. QAPCO registers a Qatarization rate of 30.2% and has received for four years in a row the prestigious Qatarization Crystal, which highlights the success of QAPCO’s Scholarship program and places emphasis on QAPCO’s impressive track record of recruiting, developing and retaining talent and investing in the education of the youth of Qatar.