Posted on February 27, 2016

For the first time ever in professional tennis in Qatar, players and coaches can access real-time performance data during live match play at the WTA Qatar Total Open from 21-27 February 2016. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and SAP SE announced in August 2015 that in a team effort they have developed SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches software.

SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches powered by SAP HANA is available exclusively for the WTA and on WTA-authorized tablets. It provides insights to help players and coaches analyze performance and optimize strategy. That could mean the difference between winning or losing the next point, set, match — or even championship.

Examples of statistics provided by SAP Tennis Analytics include:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of the full list of match stats for both players, updated every 15 seconds.
  • Scoring data that analyzes player service performance, success rate in closing out a game while serving and number of break points saved.
  • Tracking data which shows player serve direction, return contact point and rally shot placement.

Qatar’s first demonstration of 1 [].jpg“For meit has been fascinating working with SAP over the past few years, as a player I relied heavily on trying to outthink my opponent and trying to figure out their tendencies by watching them or playing against them,” said Mary Joe Fernandez, tennis legend and broadcaster.“I would have loved to have these analytics and insights that can go deeper.” SAP, the WTA and players and coaches worked together to create a tool that is effectively simple, engaging and provides key real-time information that is crucial to player performance during practice, competition and following matches.

Since the introduction of the on-court technology platform, the WTA and SAP have tested and incorporated feedback from players and coaches at tournaments around the world. New updates now available for players and coaches include the addition of filters and pre-defined scenarios so that players can drill into the data at various levels — for example, by set, game score, winners, errors, unreturned serves, etc., an archive mode, which allows the users to review completed match data within the same tournament and custom-designed cases to withstand all environmental elements.

“Our relationship with the WTA is another example of how SAP collaborates with partners to create ground-breaking solutions that change the way athletes utilize data and information to optimize their performance,” said Quentin Clark, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Global Managing Board, SAP. “After months of testing, enhancements and feedback, we’re excited that coaches and players have the opportunity to begin utilizing SAP Tennis Analytics on the court during tournament match play.”

Since the launch of the technology at the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford last August, over thirty coaches had the opportunity to use SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches at nine additional WTA events around the world. SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches is an advancement in technology for women’s tennis and part of an entire business transformation the WTA is embracing. This is one example of such technology innovation in women’s tennis, with SAP serving as the leader.

Qatar’s first demonstration of 2 [].jpg

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