Posted on August 10, 2011

Qatar Airways recently collaborated with Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority, Frankfurt University, Qatar University and Munich Airport to facilitate an internship programme which incorporated hands-on training both in Doha and abroad.

A group of young Qataris studying at various institutions in Doha, United States and the UK teamed up with four students from Frankfurt University to develop a comprehensive training induction programme designed for the employees of the New Doha International Airport (NDIA), which is scheduled to open next year.

The students’ mandate was to develop a familiarisation training and communication manual about the new systems and facilities at NDIA. A group of 13 summer internship students participated in the unique collaboration project, conducting hands-on research and testing, broadening their awareness of each of the areas of the new facility in order to identify where training will be required.

As part of the internship, a select group of students travelled to Germany to conduct a familiarisation tour of Munich Airport, a facility globally recognised for its advanced infrastructure, architecture and administration.

The students compiled their findings and recommendations, from which they developed a comprehensive training manual to assist with orientation of new employees about the systems, safety practices and general information about the new facilities at NDIA.

Covered topics in the training manual include the systems, procedures and processes of baggage handling, hub control centre, traffic operation centre and tower apron control. Based on key findings during the research phase, the manual is recommended to be printed in three languages – Arabic, English and Urdu.

In total, 9 interns from Qatar and 4 from Germany participated. They were: Salem Al-Obaidli, Saleh Al-Mansoori, Aalieh Ahmade, Sara Al-Haidous, Nayla Al-Thani, Nadya Al-Awaninati, Ahad Al-Enizi, A.Aziz Al-Ansari, A.Aziz Al-Tamimi, Oliver Schultes, Felicia Antwiwaa Weber, Marco Finkler and Markus Lang.

In conclusion of the internship programme, the students delivered a presentation to a panel in Doha recently, which included Chairman of the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Programme Steering Committee, Mohsen Alshayef; Qatar Airways National Scholarship Programme Senior Manager, Dr. Kholode Al-Obaidli; Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Principal Director Financial & Administration, Abdullah Nasser El-Subaey; and Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Head of Scholarship, Amair Al-Naemi.

Each of the panel members addressed the students with encouraging words, affirming their sincere gratitude for the solid efforts made during the internship.


Chairman of the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program Steering Committee, Mohsen Alshayef said: “I watch all of you with pride in the way that you have all worked together and supported one another in a project that is so important not only for our national airline Qatar Airways, but for the country as a whole. The New Doha International Airport is an integral part of the State of Qatar’s national development strategy and each one of you has played a role in the realisation of that vision.”

Added Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Principal Director Financial & Administration Abdullah Nasser El-Subaey: “The opening of NDIA will be a significant achievement for our country, and this familiarisation programme and the learning manual which you have developed, are fundamental elements to the opening of the new airport. We are pleased to see all of you taking charge of your career paths and your enthusiasm for aviation. You are all leaders in what will be a very important time once the historic facility becomes operational.

Qatar Airways National Scholarship Programme Senior Manager, Dr. Kholode Al-Obaidli spoke of the importance of dedication and hard work: “Aside from the impressive deliverable which you have all contributed countless hours to, the presentation you made demonstrates your unwavering commitment to the project, yourselves, Qatar Airways, Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority and the New Doha International Airport, for which we thank you.

“Teamwork is integral to the success of any project and from what we have witnessed, you have overcome the challenge of coming together to identify the task at hand and completing it in a harmonious and productive learning environment, in which you have all benefited from working together.”

The rapid expansion of Qatar Airways prompted the State of Qatar to embark on one of its biggest projects – the construction of a brand new international airport in Doha, which is scheduled to open in 2012.

Fuelled by its growth, Qatar Airways is forging ahead with an aggressive recruitment drive and plans to take on an additional 3,500 staff annually over a three-year period across the group. With 19,000 employees currently working with the Qatar Airways Group of companies, the increase represents a 50 per cent addition to the head count by 2014.