Posted on June 26, 2015

The first round of the Aspire Zone Embassies Tournament, which is being held as part of the Ramadan Sports Festival in collaboration with Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, drew to a close on Wednesday night with fierce competition. The second day of the tournament was attended by the Mexican Ambassador to Qatar,Francisco Niembro, who participated with his team and beat the French Embassy 9-2, taking Mexico through to the second round.

Niembro commented: “I arrived in Qatar a month ago, and I think the Embassies Tournament is a great idea. It’s really exciting. I’m impressed with the facilities at Aspire Zone – they’re fantastic – and I’m glad I’m able to celebrate Ramadan with such great activities. It’s important for people at the Embassies to interact with their colleagues like this. I’d like to thank Aspire Zone Foundation for organising the tournament, and I’m looking forward to the final match.”

The second match also saw strong competition between Morocco and Syria, with the Moroccan team emerging victorious with a 5-3 win and going through to the second round. The Syrian Coalition Ambassador to Qatar, Nizar Al Hiraki,also joined his team in the competition. He commented: “We’re happy to be participating in this tournament. This has been very well organised by Aspire Zone, and we’re glad to meet other fellow embassies in such competitions. This tournament represents Qatar’s continued efforts to bring people together and to spread peace and joy among them.”

Qatar and Sudan victorious in first 2 [].jpgThe third day of the tournament was equally full of excitement. Sudan played Ethiopia in the first match – hitting the back of the net 13 times – while the Ethiopian team was only able to put two goals past the goalkeeper. For the last match of the night, the long-awaited match between Qatar and Tunisia, the Qatari team beat the Tunisian team 7-4, sending Qatar through to the second round alongside Sudan, Morocco, Mexico, the UAE and India.

Twelve teams are participating in the inaugural Embassies Tournament,distributed into two groups of six teams. The losers from each match are eliminated from the tournament, while the winners qualify to the second round. The final stage of the tournament will see three teams play against each other on a points system, and the final will be held on 30 June at the Aspire indoor pitch.

Aspire Banks Tournament

As part of the Banks Tournament, Masraf Al Rayan beat Qatar International Bank 4-0, while Qatar National Bank beat Doha Bank 2-1.

Commenting on the match, Mr. Khalid Al Hail – Awael Zone Manager at Qatar National Bank – said: “We are truly excited to be participating in the Aspire Ramadan tournament. We are participating in other competitions, but we consider this to be one of the most important tournaments. I would like to thank the organisers from Aspire Zone Foundation for their great organisation and facilities. This is the first time we’ve played on a cooled, indoor pitch.” 

Qatar and Sudan victorious in first 3 [].jpgMen’s football tournament

Al Waab secured a well-deserved 3-0 win against Al Malky, while the Maizar Stars managed to beat Al Wadi 5-0.

Junior competitions

Separately, in the junior futsal tournament, Brazil beat the Blackstars 4-1, while Galaxy beat Al Ameed with the same result. Aspire Zone Foundation is overseeing the competitions from all aspects,including the facilities, referees, logistics and organisational elements. All competitions begin at 9:30pm and last until midnight. The Aspire Ramadan Festival is being held in partnership with Vodafone Qatar, Sport Corner, the Women’s Sports Committee and the Paralympic Committee.

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