Posted on August 10, 2019

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has participated with a youth delegation in the 38th Arab International Youth Conference, hosted by Jordan recently. The conference was attended by 60 young men and women from nine Arab and other countries.

In a statement Friday, the ministry said that the conference sought to promote equitable access to economic, social, educational, health and cultural opportunities as well as enhancing solidarity among youth, especially the launching of global and cultural dialogue for this group, which contributes to developing their capacity to resolve problems, and promote the values of tolerance, respect and acceptance of the other. The statement added that the conference aimed at empowering young people to be leaders of change, creativity and belonging in their communities. Throughout the conference, creative workshops were held in various artistic fields featuring (drawing, music, poetry, singing, drama) under the supervision of a number of specialists.

The closing ceremony included a diverse exhibition of heritage and cultural objects from participating countries. 

source: Gulf Times