Posted on January 18, 2019

The meeting of permanent representatives and senior officials in the Arab League started yesterday in preparation for the Arab Economic and Social Development summit, slated for Sunday in Beirut.

The State of Qatar’s Permanent representative to the Arab League Ambassador, Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al Sahlawi (pictured), headed Qatar’s Delegation to the meeting. The meeting discussed the draft agenda for the Summit which comprises 27 topics, including the Arab emergency food security program; the integration and trade of agricultural, plant and livestock products; the Greater Arab Trade Zone; completing of the requirements for the establishment of the Arab Customs Union and the Arab Charter for the development of the SMEs sector.

Earlier, a series of preparatory meetings was held, starting with a meeting of the Committee on Follow-up and Preparation for the summit at senior official level. The meeting was devoted to discussing the items of the draft agenda of the summit, which covers all the Arab economic and social issues submitted by the extraordinary session of the Economic and Social Council at its ministerial session held last month at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

The meeting will be completed today with the meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Follow-up and Preparation for the Arab Development Summit, to be followed by the joint meeting of Foreign Ministers and Ministers concerned with the Economic and Social Council.