Posted on January 20, 2018

Doha Regional Dialogue on Sustaining Peace launched with the participation of a number of Arab and Muslim countries, civil society organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

The event seeks to reach a mutual understanding and political consensus between U.N. member states, regional organizations, civil organisations and the private sector on the relationship between sustainable development, conflict prevention, mediation, peacekeeping and human rights. The permanent representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations, Ambassador H E Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani said the event comes as part of the State of Qatar’s efforts to support the president of UN General Assembly in its endeavours to support the process of peacebuilding and sustainability.

In her opening speech, Sheikha Alya said the Qatari delegation to the UN carried out discussion with active entities on the possibility of establishing a regional dialogue on the sustainability of peace. Based on that, an agreement has been reached on the importance of a regional dialogue on sustaining peace and providing with models achieving peace and approaches that have already succeeded, Sheikha Alya added. She added that the regional dialogue is a chance to develop the local efforts aimed at achieving peace sustainability through the global community, which could promote an open dialogue between all parties and civil society organizations. She said that civil society organisations are playing a key role in this direction as an effective force to ensure that the needs of women and the interests of young people are met, in addition to other segments such as religious and social leaders.

H E Sheikha Alya reiterated that Qatar’s long-term interest in building and sustaining peace by looking at root causes and supporting mediation efforts to achieve it.  She noted that the State of Qatar works to achieve sustainable development and solve the root causes of extremism, violence and human trafficking, in addition to promoting and strengthening education, global security, and human rights. Doha also actively participates in a group for safety sustainability in New York and it’s global mediation efforts that are led by Turkey and Finland.

On the study related to women, Sheikha Alya called for exerting more efforts to enhance peace sustainability and empower the role of women in the different communities. She added that Qatar realises the importance of a sustainable funding for these efforts. Weeks ago, she said, Doha has financed and participated in a conference that shed the light on this issue in line with the decisions related to peace-building, adding that the conference promoted an approach to settle conflicts and support capacities at the regional level.

Today’s consultations focused on a number of aspects, including the link between peace sustainability and sustainable development 2030, the vital role of women and youth, equal opportunity, prevention of conflicts, peacemaking, and the financing of peacekeeping operations. The meeting aims to build consensus on what sustainable peace means at the regional level and seeks to offer national and regional recommendations on maintaining peace in order to present them to the high-level meeting that the U.N. General Assembly will hold in April.

source: The Peninsula