Posted on May 27, 2016

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has unveiled exciting new details of the cultural activities it is organising for this year’s Freej Aspire, offering members of community the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural atmosphere in an 8,000 square metre air-conditioned open area. The 2016 edition of Freej Aspire, which will launch on the 5th of Ramadan, will be capable of hosting 3,000 visitors per day and will offer new and innovative experiences from June 10-19.

Commenting on Freej preparations, Mr. Abdullah Aman Al Khater, Chairman of Ramadan Organising Committee at AZF, said: “With every new edition of AZF’s cultural programme of activity in Ramadan, the Foundation introduces new and unique elements designed to cater to and attract all members of the local community.” Mr. Al-Khater added “The community’s widespread participation in previous edition of Freej Aspire has motivated us to innovate the activities offered further and build upon past successes, which we hope will cater to all members of the community. This year; we have increased the children’s play area, added new sports activities for families alongside the traditionally offered activities, introduced innovative culturally-themed workshops for children, and dedicated space to small and medium-sized Qatari business to exhibit their services and products to the community.”

Unique cultural experiences across an 8,000 square metre air-conditioned area equal of a football pitch

Freej Aspire will be laid out over an 8,000 square metre air-conditioned open area, which will not exceed 25 degrees centigrade, and offers members of the community a wide selection of activities and competitions focused on Qatari culture and traditions. Taking up to three months to construct, the term “Freej” means “neighbourhood” in the Gulf dialect.  It is laid out in the shape of adjoining traditional houses, aiming to replicate the environment of an authentic “Freej” and inspire Qatari culture and tradition.

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Dedicated space for Qatari businesses to exhibit their services and products

For the first time, Freej Aspire will be dedicating spaces for small and medium-sized Qatari businesses to exhibit their services and products to the local community, stemming from AZF’s keen interest in supporting the development of such initiatives. Freej will feature the merchandise of more than 22 Qatari businesses, in addition to 17 kiosks featuring traditional Qatari products, four moving trolleys and a traditional café.

Children’s workshops on Arabic calligraphy and graffiti to reinvigorate Islamic and Qatari culture, and a children’s play area that is three times bigger

Families and children visiting Freej Aspire will have the opportunity to partake in a number of traditional Qatari sports, in addition to sports tournaments including football, basketball and volleyball. The children’s play area in this year’s edition has been expanded threefold, due to the increased community participation in Freej Aspire year after year.

Children will also have the opportunity to explore and develop their creative side through Arabic calligraphy and graffiti workshops. Several activities will also be on offer designed to increase children’s awareness and knowledge of Qatari traditions and past crafts, offering them the chance to not only learn about them but also practice them. Organising these workshops form part of AZF’s efforts to reinvigorate past Qatari traditions in Ramadan, given the significant cultural value Arabic calligraphy holds in the history of the Arabic language and Islamic culture, and its major role in making the identity of Arabian culture unique.

Freej Aspire forms part of Aspire Zone’s Ramadan Festival, which will launch on 5-19 Ramadan (10-24 June), and include a unique package of spiritual, sports and social activities in observance of the Holy Month.