Posted on December 12, 2014
Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) has achieved over the year 2014 various historical achievements in the level of the Qatari business community and the private sector as a whole. Celebrations marking Qatar National Day coincide with the successes accomplished by the QCCI towards completing its march aimed at realizing Qatar National Vison 2030, namely the two pillars for achieving greater diversification of the economy and promoting the private sector’s role while serving Qatar's business community.
The greatest QCCI‘s event, which market this year, was the sixth session of the consultative meeting held between HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister and Qatari businessmen, which became an annual tradition to discuss aspirations of the private sector, the partnership between the public and private sectors in all transparency and objectivity, as well as discussing the obstacles that may impede the private sector’s performance and role.
This year also saw the election of QCCI Chairman HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani as President of the Federation of Gulf Cooperation Council Chambers (FGCCC), who held meetings with a number of state leaders and Prime Ministers in Swaziland, Bulgaria, Gambia, Cyprus, Benin, Ghana, Ireland, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco and others. The QCCI also hosted a number of trade delegations as part of its ongoing efforts to promote trade cooperation between businessmen from all over the world and their Qatari counterparts, while nearly 56 trade delegations from several countries, including Cyprus, Turkey, Ireland, Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Georgia, Portugal, Italy and others have paid visits the QCCI headquarters over this year.
QCCI also signed 8 Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation with a number of regional and international chambers of commerce and institutions including a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoU) with the British Institute of for building and construction, Ukraine, Cyprus, Moldova, Turkey, Kuwait, Gujarat, India and Spain Chambers of Commerce. The Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry also organized meetings with a number of national government and private establishments in order to enhance Qatar’s business community and discussion about issues that may hinder the private sector and its role, including Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), the General Administration of Customs as well as the travel and tourism offices. 
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QCCI hosted over the year a number of seminars and conferences, including the commercial arbitration seminar, Symposium of healthy nutrition, the Qatari talent Conference, Business & Finance Conference, the strategic management and corporate governance Seminar and symposium protect competition along with other various events. 
QCCI has issued a number of booklets and publications, including a study on the work of Qataris in the private sector, a book about the achievements of occupational safety expected to be released in April 2015, Qatar Commercial Directory 2014, the annual report 2013 as well as the establishment of the QCCI website and the official magazine "Forum magazine." QCCI took part in a number of activities and events inside or outside Qatar aimed at strengthening its role within the local and international community. The QCCI took part in the 20th session of the Partnership Summit in India and the 33rd meeting of the Executive Committee leaders in Kuwait and the second meeting of the Federation of the Gulf Cooperation Council Chambers (FGCCC) in Riyadh. 
QCCI participated in the Arab Forum for Development and Employment in Riyadh, the GCC-Germany Business and Investment Forum in Berlin, meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), FGCCC meetings, international investment summit in Turkey, the Arabian Business Women Forum and the GCC-Morocco Investment Forum and Expo in Casablanca. Under the patronage of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, 2013 QCCI hosted the ICC WCF 8th World Chambers Congress. 
More than 143 countries represented by about 2000 chamber of commerce and international institutions, about 135 exhibitors and more than 250 media representatives have participated in the Conference. The year 2013 also witnessed Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry's golden jubilee celebrations in presence of a large number of officials, heads of Arab and GCC Chambers of Commerce and Industry, business leaders in the commercial and economic sector celebrating 50 years of success and achievements.