Posted on April 12, 2020

Qatar Charity, with the support of benefactors and in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the authorities in the country, continues to distribute ready-to-eat meals as part of the ‘Khair Kitchens’ initiative.

Until April 7, Qatar has distributed 94,000 meals as part of a preventive and awareness-raising campaign to reduce coronavirus (COVID-19) spread. Some 6,000 ready-to-eat meals are distributed daily in the Industrial Area and the Quarantine Centre in Mukaynis, with the participation of Qatar Charity’s volunteers and supervisors. Many companies support the campaign, in addition to benefactors in Qatar, including Ard Canaan, Popular Kitchens Al Rayyan, Popular Kitchens Al Wakra, Luxury Catering, Mazzraty and Ghadeer Dairy. 

Mohammed al Ghamdi, assistant CEO of the Governance and Institutional Development Division at the Qatar Charity, expressed gratitude for the contributions of the initiative supporters and benefactors for their generous contribution, hoping for more funding to increase the number of beneficiaries. “We offer different types of ready-to-eat meals, focusing on workers in the Mukaynis area, and we hope to cover the entire area by increasing the number of workers and other areas.” He also noted that Qatar Charity would continue to support workers to curb coronavirus spread.

For his part, Bassel Soweila, director of Operations at Ard Canaan, expressed his pleasure at taking part in the initiative, stressing the full commitment of the kitchen workers to the conditions of prevention, hygiene and sterilisation. Adel Abdullah, a social media figure, praised the initiative and said that it contributes a great deal to helping workers in the face of the crisis. He the workers deserve the support and that Qatar Charity, which extends its helping hand all over the world, would spare no effort in helping those living in the country.

Abdullah al Anazi, a social media influencer, expressed his appreciation to the benevolent people of Qatar and all those who contributed to the initiative. He applauded the efforts of Qatar Charity in this crisis and called on everyone to join the initiative and stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and minimise infections. Hassan al Saie, another social media influencer, expressed his pleasure at taking part in the initiative, praising the preventive and health measures taken by the kitchens. “This is a commendable effort on the part of Qatar Charity, its partners and volunteers who are working hard to help workers,” said Saie.

source: Qatar Tribune