Posted on June 02, 2017
Qatar Charity (QC) has begun distributing food baskets among hundreds of affected families in Syria in order to cover their food needs during Ramadan.
This is in conjunction with the launch of the Iftar project, QC has said in a press statement. Ramadan baskets have been distributed to 500 Syrian families with a total of some 3,000 members. In addition, the Iftar projects will cater to nearly 280,000 people at a cost of QR1.5mn. Mohamed al-Kaabi, QC's Relief Department director, said Qatar Charity has begun distributing food baskets and implementing the Iftar projects in Syria as a large number of Syrians face difficult conditions resulting from population displacement. The poverty and unemployment rates have also increased.
He noted that Ramadan kitchens were established to distribute free meals to 280 needy and displaced families within and outside camps. Al-Kaabi extended his thanks to philanthropists for donating to Syrians, especially during Ramadan, and offering them some relief. QC has said it implements Ramadan projects in 37 countries, including Iftar tables, Eid clothing and Al-fitr Zakat, at a cost of around QR15mn, benefiting around 1.1mn people. The focus is on countries experiencing crises and disasters.
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The Iftar project is the largest Ramadan project amounting to QR10mn and targeting 950,000 beneficiaries outside Qatar. The targeted countries include Syria, Bangladesh, Niger, India, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Mauritania, Indonesia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Nepal, Palestine, Sudan, Djibouti, Ghana, Benin, Chad, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Iraq, Togo, the UK, Lebanon, Morocco, the Philippines, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey. Food aid to be distributed to affected people in Syria and Somalia will cost nearly QR3.2mn and benefit about 100,000 people.
source: Gulf Times