Posted on June 06, 2015

Qatar Charity (QC) has implemented a QR11m agricultural rehabilitation project in the Gaza Strip, said The Peninsula. It seeks to develop agricultural areas destroyed during the Israeli aggression on the Strip in the summer of 2014. The project is funded the GCC programme and managed by Islamic Development Bank. Rehabilitation began by filling large pits left by Israeli aircraft attacks on agricultural land and was carried out in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture.

Mohammed Halloub, Director, QC Office in Gaza, said in a statement that the project includes planting, rehabilitation and paving of agricultural roads as well as wells to irrigate agriculture, rehabilitation of electricity networks in agricultural areas, re-use of treated wastewater in the vicinity of Gaza City and development and rehabilitation of Ministry of Agriculture nurseries in the Strip. According to estimates, the cost of the recent Israeli war on Gaza amounted to $350m directly and $150m indirectly.

Dr Nabil Abu Shammala, Director-General, Planning and Policy, Ministry of Agriculture, said QC is one of the largest international and regional institutions working on rehabilitation of the agricultural sector, adding that it contributes to real development rather than merely providing relief aid. QC has also supported the fishing sector since the beginning of 2011 at a cost of over QR30m to date, benefitting thousands of fishermen in the Strip. The QR18.25m project will be completed in a few months as part of a financing agreement between QC and IDB in Jeddah.

QC has also signed plans for Internal Medicine Building at Shifaa Hospital in Gaza, in cooperation with local and international consultants, at a cost of QR582,000. It will be the largest medical building in the Strip, with 432 beds, over 20,000sqm and is part of QC’s relief and development plans for the Strip to develop health infrastructure.