Posted on August 20, 2016
Qatar Charity (QC) has inaugurated its summer programme ‘Pearls and Coral 7’ for girls. More than 70 girls from primary, preparatory and secondary schools are participating in the programme.
Ali al- Ghareeb, Director of Programs and Centers Management at the Executive Management of Local Development at QC, said: “On its seventh edition in a row, Pearls and Coral Programme aims at reinforcing QC’s role in local development through the investment of the girls’ summer vacation. The programme busies the girls with activities that are useful and fun. Such events help achieve partnerships between the government’s public and private institutions; especially those that share same interests and visions”.
QC’s Local Development Management prioritises educational and entertaining programmes, and courses to help develop the society. In addition, the Management always organises campaigns and national programmes that address all groups of the society and shed light on essential community issues. The events and activities of the project include educational programmes, technical workshops, and entertaining and training activities. QC focuses on voluntary work, one of the most important fields, through utilizing girls’ potentials. QC involves students, from high school and university, in voluntary work.
Among the events and workshops organized are a painting workshop by graphic artist Shaimaa al-Yaf’i. The girls felt so happy about the workshop and the excellent briefing made by al -Yaf’i impressed all and made painting a beautiful and easy thing to do. In association with local institution Aspire Katara Hospitality, cooking and nutrition workshops were held. The courses helped raise awareness among girls about healthy eating and taught them how to cook simple meals.
The girls also received a training course on Photoshop. The lecturer was Hanan al -Thibyani who taught the girls the basics of Photoshop, a skill necessary for modern life. To add more fun activities, the girls learned how to recycle, make dolls, frames, flowers and others. The girls were also sent on weekly trips. QC’s Rayyan Branch for Women intends to offer a beauty care workshop for the girls in coordination with the Sudanese Embassy .
source: Gulf Times