Posted on July 26, 2012

Qatar Charity launched the "My good deeds" application for donation via mobile to the projects of Qatar Charity in an attempt to render charity opportunities easy to donors any time or place under the slogan "good deeds are very close".

Mr. Salman Mohammed Ali Kaldari said that "My good deeds" application comes within the framework of new automated electronic applications of donation launched by Qatar Charity during the Holy Month of Ramadan this year. Such applications facilitate donation and provide donors with several options for donation in various fields and through various ways. Mr. Kaldari added that "My good deeds" application is considered one of the most important applications which help in easily donate at any time or place through being available to smart phones such as Apple, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.

Advantages of the application

The "My good deeds" application has important advantages that make it easier for donors as it provides several options for the field of donation, method of payment and the sum of donation. If the mobile phone is connected to internet, the application will connect with Qatar Charity database to keep donors updated with the latest news of charity projects upon approval from the client. "My good deeds" application makes donation easily available, rather than the traditional centers for collection through one touch and as quickly as possible in all places and at all times.

The new application is supporting the secrecy of charity urged by the great Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him, as he said in Hadith that "Charity spent in secret extinguishes Allah's wrath". The Prophet (PBUH) also said when talking about seven people whom Allah will protect in His Shade on the Hereafter day when there is no shade except His Shade: (a man who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity) as the donor can use this application in his place of prayer, workplace, or house.

Method of donation

Donation can be given on "My good deeds" application by (Qtel) through mobile smart phones sending SMS with QR 25.00 to "92133", QR 50.00 to "92632" or QR 100.00 to "92642". The donor can donate several times upon his discretion. Also QR 10.00 can be donated through Vodafone through SMS to "97790".Donation through "My good deeds" is also available to credit cards with any sum of money. In such case, the donor receives confirmation message of the sum deducted for donation.

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"My good deeds" application receives donations for several projects launched by Qatar Charity this year including: "Nurture" project that aims at nurturing orphan as urged by Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, as he said: " "I and the one who nurtures an orphan will be like this in Paradise (then he joined his index and middle fingers together).", "Give alms" project which aims at reserving Zakat for eligible persons and important charity projects.

Qatar Charity calculates Zakat for free and receives inquiries from public to (44667711), "Relieve" project for the disaster-prone Muslim all over the world, as the case in Syria, Yemen, and all countries stricken by disasters or famines, "Teach" project which aims at spending on religious scholars to bring reward in the Hereafter and the goodness of this world, "Construct" project which is related to construction and building of mosques and Islamic centers as well as establishment and maintenance, and "Help" project which is related to all kinds of help as financing income-generating humble projects which change the lives of needy in spite of its low financing, however these are very important for them.

It is noteworthy also that Qatar Charity has launched donation service via QC website for the first time during the month of Ramadan to provide several advantages to donors allowing selection of country, field and method of donation to unburden donors, and help them to save their times representing the slogan "Good deeds are very close".

The service can be logged into through QC website, then move to "Donate here" icon, where the donor can specify the type of donation and charity projects of interest through the available options; either seasonal projects, income-generating projects, building of mosques, digging of wells, nurturing of the orphan or education, etc. The application allows donors to donate several times and for several projects in what is known as "Donation Box". Such donation is made at once rather than taking several procedures for each donation, which matter make donation easy for donors and help them to save their time.

Such service enables donors to know more about the projects of Qatar Charity in all countries and in three continents; Asia, Africa, and Europe, in order to choose the country of interest to donate and the field of donation, in addition to availability of donation through credit cards.

source: Al Raya Newspaper