Posted on May 06, 2011

Qatar Charity (QC), in association with Qatar University (QU), has launched a competition involving volunteer services for QU students. The competition is aimed to boost the continuous efforts of QC in spreading the practice of volunteer work among youngsters, especially the QU students.

The competition will feature students who would produce documentary films, posters, designing, essay writing and introduction of innovative concepts for charity projects and community services. Prizes for three different categories have been allocated for the competition.

Addressing a press conference, QC Deputy Chairman Abdullah bin Husein al Numah said, “The second edition of the volunteer work competition stems from the QC’s strong belief in attracting youngsters towards selfless work and social services. Such services are always productive for the society and helps in enriching the values and cooperation within the community.

Al Numah said the main achievement of the first edition of the competition was the support for students to establish a volunteer project that addresses youth related issues. The project was launched last February and it grabbed the attention of many youngsters. Talking about the competition, Al Numah said, “During this year’s event, two fields have been introduced for the poster design and the documentary film category. This is an attempt to attract the attention of those youngsters with artistic talents. It will pave the way for them to join and serve in volunteer work.” He also called for the participation of foreign students in the competition.

On his part, Vice-President of QU Dr Omar al Ansari, said, “The QU student affairs’ department attaches great importance towards the value of volunteer work and its importance in university activities. The department takes into account the various volunteer works adopted by its students which has acted as a milestone in building the students’ character and career growth.

source: Qatar Tribune