Posted on February 28, 2017

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar Charity launched today ‘ZHAAB’ initiative, during a press conference, which was attended by Mr. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari CEO of Qatar Charity and Mr. Talal Al Kuwari, Executive Director of ‘ZHAAB’ initiative.

‘ZHAAB’ initiative is established by Qatar Charity under the slogan ‘A Duty, not a Favor’ to provide support to the communities and families in need inside Qatar. ‘ZHAAB’ which is a colloquial Qatari word that refers to a personal object of great value, be it moral or material, in this context - the Qatari society.

Commenting on the importance of launching such initiatives in Qatar was Mr. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari CEO of Qatar Charity: “His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, The Emir of Qatar, and His Highness Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, The Father Emir, having stressed the importance of giving back to the community to establish a society based on justice, charity and equality, as stated in the Qatar National Vision 2030.” “Qatar Charity is proud to launch under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, ‘ZHAAB’ initiative under the slogan ‘A Duty, not a Favor’, to emphasize the role, the initiative plays in giving back to diverse segments of the local community. Our ultimate goal is to create a well-developed society, built on the basis of human equality and social justice.”

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For his part, Mr. Talal Al Kuwari, Executive Director of ZHAAB, said: “Although an existing number of humanitarian initiatives and charity programs in the state of Qatar are already providing aid and support to many segments of society here and abroad, there has always been an urgent need for a national initiative which caters to providing aid and assistance to members of the local communities in particular.” One of our primary objectives is to provide support to all segments of society in addition to safeguarding their rights and values and empowering them to play an active role in social development and by providing them with the necessary tools to earn an income and become self-reliant.

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He stressed that, “Our mission does not end when we just lend a helping hand to the needy, rather we seek long-term comprehensive solutions to the challenges they face in order to ensure a sustainable and comprehensive development of society as a whole, with a focus on human rights while promoting a culture of community service through cooperation with various state entities.” ‘ZHAAB’ is keen on serving the initiative’s target groups, through a campaign to receive donations under the name of "Zokhor" which means generosity on the part of the donor. “Zokhor” is a monthly donation plan established through Qatari banks to facilitate the donation process and make it more convenient to the donor.

In an effort to ensure the success of this initiative, a carefully set criteria has been put in place to evaluate the applications requesting support, as well as provide the necessary and appropriate assistance to those families and individuals. For further information on how to apply for support or to donate money to support “ZHAAB” initiative, please visit ZHAAB/Qatar Charity offices.