Posted on June 06, 2014

Qatar Charity (QC) has opened a new camp in Northern Syria to accommodate more than 200 displaced families, a QC statement said. 

QC has established 208 equipped tents to house 1200 displaced people in Idlib province, in addition to the 10 tents which would serve as a school for the children of the camp along with other facilities including water tanks, bathrooms, washing machines, electric generator and primary access to basic services. 

Ibrahim Zainal, QC Deputy Executive Director of the Department for International Development, said the organization has implemented this project in responding to the need of displaced people for basic shelter and adequate housing, noting that the families were set up in this camp. 

Qatar Charity has recently carried out a model village project in its third edition in cooperation with the Islamic Dawah Organization to house 100 displaced Syrian families built at a cost of 2 million US dollars.