Posted on April 27, 2012

Qatar Charity has rebuilt five Muslim centres in Italy. The centres will be opened by the holy month of Ramadan. The project is part of QC’s aim to help Muslim communities in Europe and across the world practice their religion peacefully.

QC official Sheikh Ahmed al Hammadi said that the centres — in different parts of Italy — are owned by Muslim groups and the building work required “restoration and completion”. The centres include a mosque and a school to teach Arabic and the Holy Book, as well as other facilities.

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Hammadi called upon philanthropists to continue with their support of QC, in their effort to help the Muslim communities in Europe. There are around one and a half million Muslims living in Italy and Spain — many of whom live in poverty and have no access to mosques and such centres.

Such Muslim centres, like the five which have been rebuilt, are a crucial part of Muslim life. It encourages cultural exchanges and cooperation within the Muslim community.

source: Qatar Tribune