Posted on December 06, 2014

Qatar Development Bank concludes its second training course for 2014, which comes as part of a series of Qatar-based ‘Comprehensive Industrial Training Programs.’ Nearly 30 Qatari small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participated in the intensive four-day course focusing on the aluminum industry in Qatar.

The training took place on November 23 to 26 and detailed the dynamics of the aluminum industry and its prospects in Qatar. It also discussed available investment opportunities and showcased local and regional achievements to date. The course discussed the challenges and opportunities the industry faces and the importance of overcoming them through innovative, non-traditional business solutions. The course also reviewed aluminum industry projects and products based in Qatar and in the wider region, highlighting the importance of expanding and launching new projects as global demand increases. The training discussed the most important legal issues and key environmental conditions that must be taken into account when launching a project for the manufacture of aluminum.

Qatar Development Bank concludes 2 [].jpgExperts responsible for delivering the training were keen to provide a detailed explanation for the nature of support Qatar Development Bank will provide to support Qatar-based SMEs. Support would also be provided through two QDB programs: Al Dhameen, an indirect lending program that provides guarantees for the benefit of partner banks worth 85% of the value of the loan and Tasdeer, which offers Qatari entrepreneurs and SMEs financing and promotion to grow exports to international markets. The workshop also reviewed how to take advantage of the bank's advisory services, including; assistance in the development of feasibility studies, market research, advice on launching competitive entrepreneurial projects in both domestic and international markets, as well as to providing connections with strategic partners, such as Qatar Business Incubation Center.

QDB CEO Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al-Khalifa commented: “Thanks to the quality of Qatari products, which enjoy international confidence, our strategic location between Europe and Asia, and proximity to fast-growing markets such as North Africa, India and China - Qatar occupies a prominent and promising place within the aluminum industry. Subsequently, Qatar Development Bank is committed to helping propel the sector’s development and raising a new generation of SMEs through training and educational programs in the field of aluminum and other strategic sectors.” Al-Khalifa continued: “By encouraging the launch of new businesses and helping to refine local entrepreneurs’ work, Qatar Development Bank will help create the foundations towards the creation of competitive SMEs and new industrial clusters, which in turn will strengthen the aluminum industry and private sector overall."

Qatar Development Bank concludes 3 [].jpg

The ‘Comprehensive Industrial Training Program’ is dedicated to Qatari nationals to help enhance and nurture important business and technical skills. They focus on offering top notch local advice on Qatar-based demands for industrial projects, providing information enabling entrepreneurs to launch and manage projects, comprehensive details for requirements and procedures, as well as the opportunities and risks associated with the establishment of industrial projects.