Posted on December 21, 2014

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) has concluded its presence at the National Day celebrations hailing it a huge success with over 83,000 people of all ages visiting QF’s tent over the near two-week festival.

The 13-day event at the Darb El-Saai celebration grounds was designed to create an engaging experience for the public to heighten awareness of QF and its core pillars of education, science and research, and community development. Through a mix of fun and interactive educational activities, QF developed a learning environment of its pillars promoted by the Foundation and its many participating affiliate centres and members.

The younger generation is Qatar’s future and by developing a strong foundation from an early age through secondary and university education, and building human capacity in technology, research and innovation, all of which QF embodies, the Foundation is focused on helping the nation transit to a knowledge-based economy that is vital for a sustainable future, as outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030. Honouring Qatar’s history and preserving the nation’s culture, traditions and heritage, all help build a strong foundation for a better future that is part of QF’s mission, reflected by the many activities over the past two weeks.

The spirit of learning and knowledge-sharing is instilled by QF across its educational institutions to develop a culture of excellence and personal development and help Qatar on its path to achieve the QNV2030. QF’s innovative experience at Darb El-Saai helped leave a positive and lasting impression amongst the community about its mission, its values, its activities and further desire to discover more about Qatar Foundation.

Qatar Foundation concludes successful 2 [].jpgOver the past fortnight, QF’s participation was supported by its social media channels that covered the various activities across the main platforms of Twitter (@QF), Facebook ( and Instagram (@qatarfoundation) attracting over 1.5 million views.  Coverage included interviews with the community, videos posted of activities and explanations of QF’s initiatives and objectives.

QF activities and visitor reaction

Youngsters took part in various interactive workshops that included a fun quiz to show which careers would suit them; pearl farming demonstrations to show the traditional pearl industry that reflects Qatar’s past; activities using Ototo materials to create sounds and develop musical skills; creating LEGO robot machines using computer software to show scientific aptitude; promoting healthy eating and living with youngsters riding exercise bikes connected to making smoothies; arts and crafts demonstrating creativity; and story book telling promoting the importance of reading, and understanding Qatari and Arab traditions at a young age.

Frequent sessions by QF member QatarDebate encouraged youngsters to meet and master the art of dialogue tackling subjects such as the importance of preserving Qatari heritage and of QF’s activities; QF’s community station QF Radio introduced children to the world of broadcasting and express their love for Qatar ‘live’ on air to show their pride in the nation; and Al Shaqab drew visitors to explore the world of horses, a tradition deeply rooted in Qatari heritage, by providing riding and grooming lessons, as well as healthcare tips in a special arena outside the tent.

QF’s tent drew a number of high-profile visitors, including VIPs and dignitaries with positive feedback that QF successfully delivered its concept of promoting the three pillars in a creative and interactive way to benefit the community. H.E. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al’ifan, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said: “Through what I have seen here at Qatar Foundation’s activities, I would like to thank QF for its positive initiatives that help Qatar’s community and be an inspiration for other countries.”

Qatar Foundation concludes successful 3 [].jpgHis Excellency Eric Chevalier, France’s ambassador to Qatar, added: “I find it very interesting because here we have tradition and preserving the country’s roots. At the same time there are other activities about the future. This is my understanding of Qatar Foundation. It is the link between the deep roots and the people of this country with the future and looking to the 21st century. QF is also sending a message to the outside world here about what Qatar represents."

Businessman Sheikh Khalid bin Nasser Al Thani, who was visiting with his family, said: “Qatar Foundation’s activities have been excellent and exciting for everyone – citizens and expats alike. We found many scientific activities at Qatar Foundation’s tent that empowered children and helped strengthen their memory. We are proud of the progress Qatar has made, especially in education and the economy in the last few years. We thank the government and the people of Qatar for all their efforts to push the country forward.”

Qatari visitor Naif Al Hbabai said: “Qatar National Day represents the whole nation and the spirit of belonging for both citizens and expats. It is an opportunity to express our love for this land. What made Qatar Foundation’s tent activities special was a mix of Qatar's heritage and the future. It empowered children through educational activities and introduced them to Qatari culture and values as well as scientific innovations in medicine and technology. All the activities here gave children a chance to interact and learn from experience.”

QF Achievements during National Day celebrations

QF member Al Shaqab, which promotes equestrian excellence and appreciation of Arabian horses that are a tribute to Qatar’s cultural legacy, was proud to win the National Day endurance competition with a number of Qatari riders representing Al Shaqab acknowledged. Students at QF member Qatar Leadership Academy (QLA) were proudly involved in the flag hoisting ceremony on day one of the National Day celebrations. QLA is a shining example of supporting QF’s mission to promote excellence among the young and strive to become leaders of tomorrow.