Posted on September 10, 2011

The Qatar Foundation Second Annual Research Forum (ARF 2011), scheduled from November 20 to 22, will cover a broad range of disciplines and encompasses health, environment, energy, computing, social sciences and humanities research themes. This forum follows the success of the inaugural edition in December 2010, which highlighted Qatar Foundation’s research strategy and celebrated the achievements of its stakeholders and partners.

The two-day forum was also about achieving higher standards, building a community of research in Qatar, and improving its ties with the worldwide scientific community. ARF 2011 will focus on the research work of a range of incumbents and include peer-reviewed research presentations of projects/programmes that have been awarded funds under various research funding mechanisms of Qatar Foundation.

“This forum also emphasises the message Qatar Foundation chairperson HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser has delivered to the researchers and scientists last year regarding the importance of the globalisation of research,” vice president for research Dr Abdelali Haoudi said.

The sessions and tracks of ARF 2011 have been designed to consider globalisation in research and to take into account the attributes and needs of the developing world, he explained. It focuses on offering solutions and alternatives and building partnerships in order to assist developing societies to access the research club as active participants and not just observers.

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“The forum will highlight the implementation of Qatar’s research strategies that will stimulate action now to make a sustainable future for Qatar and the world,” Dr Haoudi said. There will be an expert panel consisting of Nobel Laureates and well-regarded scientists and industrialists to select the presentations for the award of Best Biomedical Research of The Year, Best Energy Research of The Year, Best Environment Research of The Year, Best Computing Research of The Year and Best Humanities, Social Science and Islamic Studies of the Year.

Qatar Foundation’s Research, Science and Technology Innovations Portfolio aims to develop and promote multi-disciplinary research studies, including Medical, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Information Technology, Nanotechnology, and Engineering. Developing, promoting and attracting technology production and investment in cutting edge R&D, and an appreciation of the role of technology in the process of development are on the agenda.

Interface with other Qatari institutions and with the Qatari community at large, and initiating the establishment of a Science and Technology Policy and contribute effectively to its success are envisaged. Interface with other institutions outside Qatar and contribution to the exchange of scientific knowledge to enhance the promotion of a scientific culture in the region and globally are also among the aims.

source: Gulf Times