Posted on February 01, 2011

Permanently based at the Katara Cultural Village off Doha’s east coast, QMA’s purpose-built campus will work towards transforming regional young talent into a new generation of maestros, officials said.
Music programmes, starting this week  with the launch of a preparatory one, will be conducted at modern classrooms, utilising the latest  equipment, including 10 Steinway pianos.

“Qatar is not just consuming knowledge but also introducing it. Music is universally understood by everyone, everywhere,” QF vice chair and QMA chair, Dr Saif al-Hajri, said.

The current programme (2010-11) will run for five weeks, offering free classes to students who demonstrate commitment and aptitude for music. Applications for the 2011-2012 programme will open May 1.

QF’s vice chair Dr al-Hajri (centre) and other officials at the Qatar Music Academy event yesterday

“QMA is dedicated to musical excellence and this is reflected by our teachers, themselves world-class musicians, and our facilities. Our programmes have been carefully developed  to lay the foundations for a vibrant music culture and industry in Qatar and the region,” principal Dr Abdul Ghafour al-Heeti said.

Two types of programmes will initially be made available. QMA will gradually be turned into a full-fledged music school. The programmes, including the preparatory one,  feature community outreach activities.

The preparatory programme provides opportunity for any child aged 8-10 years to nurture their talent through an intensive series of one-to-one music lessons complemented by two group  sessions. They are scheduled after-school hours on Sunday and Thursday and last until the end of June, QMA’s Western music head Anne-Marie Pigneguy said.
The community outreach programme is designed to achieve a dynamic music scene in Qatar and feature Toddlers  (2-3 years old), Little People  (4-5 ), Storytelling workshops (5-7 ), Music Appreciation workshops (7), as well as choral groups, composer workshops, and professional development for music teachers through stand-alone sessions, QMA’s Arab music head Issa Boulos said.

The outreach programme courses starts in the first week of March and runs throughout the academic year.
“QMA is proud to become another member on board QF’s journey to foster a progressive society, while enhancing our cultural life and protecting Qatar’s heritage,” Dr al-Hajri said.

QMA will strive to retain a balance of Arab and Western music. Current enrollment stands at 80, of which 8% are Qatari youth. At full-steam, QMA will be able to accommodate “hundreds of students”, officials said.
QMA’s website,, may be accessed for applications and class schedules.

source: Gulf Times