Posted on March 07, 2019

Qatar Foundation (QF) has unveiled its new-look website – designed to take visitors on an experiential digital journey through the organization, open up the opportunities it offers them, and be an innovative platform for promoting Qatar to a global audience.

Using state-of-the-art design concepts and a storytelling approach, the website is an immersive, interactive, and user-friendly showcase of QF’s pivotal contribution to Qatar’s economic and social development, and how it generates benefit for the world. It encourages local, regional, and international visitors to step inside QF, explore its unique ecosystem of education, science, and community development, and discover how they can be part of it.

The launch of the new website – which includes people-focused stories and information intended to strike a chord with an array of different audiences; a powerful visual focus, through videography and animation; and a clean, responsive, and easily-readable design – mirrors QF’s evolution, its creative and forward-thinking nature, and its commitment to engaging people within and beyond Qatar with its mission. Mayan Zebeib, Chief Communications Officer, Qatar Foundation, said: “QF’s new website is a digital reflection of who we are as an organization – innovative, diverse, purposeful, open, and unique.

“While having all the hallmarks of a classic corporate website, it goes further, by offering a truly immersive experience and inviting local, regional, and global audiences to take a journey through QF. Our new website is designed to encourage visitors to read, discover, and start conversations with us, building enduring relationships between ourselves and our audiences that allow them to truly share in our story. “It is also a global platform for Qatar, showcasing the nation as a hub of innovation and a beacon of thought, diversity, and creativity, and illustrating the role of QF in driving key elements of Qatar’s transformation. We look forward to welcoming people to the new QF website to explore what we offer to Qatar and the world, the difference we make, and the opportunities we provide.”

Qatar Foundation opens up 2 [].jpg

Built with information-seeking audiences in mind, the website’s content and design emphasize how QF’s work directly benefits people’s lives in Qatar, and encourage community participation in its events, activities, and programs. Its stories are also aimed at introducing QF to a wider international audience, and enhancing the profile both of the organization and of Qatar. It will also provide prospective students with simple, clear access to information about QF’s unique education model, highlighting programs, specializations, and opportunities for academic success and personal growth, and telling the stories of those who have been empowered by their Education City experience. 

Meanwhile, by further positioning QF as a provider of world-class education and a driver of innovation, the website will encourage visitors to explore collaborations, careers, and media opportunities with QF, while also spotlighting the support it offers researchers and technology entrepreneurs.

The new QF website is now live and ready to discover at