Posted on October 13, 2014

In line with Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development’s mission of driving innovation and enhancing sustainable development through environmentally-friendly initiatives, Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) hosted a ‘Welcome to QGBC’ public event to raise awareness about greener initiatives.

More than 100 experts and green activists from across various sectors of Qatar’s economy attended the event, which highlighted the organisation’s contributions to achieving sustainability ambitions as outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV2030). QGBC is supporting Qatar Foundation by helping Qatar on its journey to establish a progressive society and a post-hydrocarbon, knowledge-based economy. QGBC has a growing base of volunteers and members forming a number of interest groups, such as Water, Solid Waste, Energy, Healthy Building, and Facility Management Interest Groups, which were represented at the event.

Qatar Green Building Council urges 2 [].jpgHeld at QGBC’s headquarters, the gathering provided briefs about the wide array of hands-on programmes that QGBC lead on a regular basis. In his address to participants, QGBC Director Eng Meshal Al Shamari welcomed new members and said the networking event was part of an on-going recruitment drive for volunteers. “QGBC, as a non-profit organisation, entirely depends on the strength of its members and volunteers to promote and achieve its vision in the best way possible,” he said.

“We are sincerely thankful for your continued efforts and enthusiasm in striving to create a culture of sustainability in Qatar that will take us closer to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030 in its best possible form.” As one of the main advocates of sustainability and green movement in Qatar, QGBC has developed a relatively large network of members, with 160 individual members and 20 organisational members who work on various projects and programmes of national interest.

Qatar Green Building Council urges 3 [].jpgDr Alex Amato, Head of Sustainability at QGBC, who leads a number of ground-breaking technical and innovative programmes, added: “Experts from the public and private sectors have heavily contributed to formulating and implementing technical projects ranging from devising public awareness campaigns to high-level, innovative energy-modelling programmes.” “Some projects currently being completed by our expert members and volunteers will soon be launched and include the ‘No Paper Day’ Campaign, ‘Stay Green’ Campaign and the ‘Qatar Greet Product Directory’.”

Later this year, QGBC members and volunteers will also be undertaking the analysis of results from QGBC’s recently launched ‘How Green is Your Home?’ e-survey and will develop a collection of best practices. The e-survey aims to gather information from Qatari citizens and expats living in Qatar about how they use electricity, gas and water, in addition to their behaviours in using regular household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines and televisions. The e-survey is open for another three weeks, in order to gather as much information as possible. To complete QGBC’s e-survey, please visit:

QGBC is a non-profit, membership-driven organisation dedicated to advocating green building solutions, leading industry research, as well as promoting sustainable practice in the community. QGBC offers membership opportunities to organisations, individuals and students who demonstrate support for QNV 2030 and showcase passion for environmental sustainability.

For more information about QGBC, please visit: