Posted on March 16, 2015

Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) 2015, co-organised by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Qatar Airways, will host a number of famous world chefs who will prepare mouthwatering dishes to suit all tastes. The annual event’s sixth edition will host a Live Cooking Theatre presented by Qatar Airways, where Chef Vineet Bhatia from India and Chef Massimo Capra from Italy, the airline’s Celebrity Chefs, will live-cook throughout the festival.

Head chef Vineet Bhatia, is a double Michelin-starred Chef, who managed the kitchens of several top international restaurants, winning many awards and titles, including the “Chef of the Year 2004”, award and the “100 Most Powerful Indians in Gulf-Arabian Business, 2012” award. In 2001, his restaurant “Zaika”, was awarded a Michelin star, making him the first Indian chef-restaurateur to receive this honour. Three years later Chef Vineet was awarded the Michelin star for the second time for “Rasoi”, his restaurant in London’s fashionable Chelsea district. And in 2009, history repeated itself when the Michelin star was awarded to his restaurant “Rasoi” in Geneva.

Chef Massimo Capra, advisor for a number of international restaurants, is regarded by many international cooking magazines and websites as a star in the culinary arts. He worked for many years in Toronto, Canada, and appeared as a regular guest expert on City TV’s Cityline and as a chef host on the Food Network TV. And he recently inaugurated his own restaurant “Soprafino” located at the state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport (HIA), where he offers passengers a selection of his delicious recipes.

Fatafeat, the pan-Arab cuisine television channel, is also taking part in QIFF this year, with live-cooking contributions from Chef Salma Soliman and Chef Daad Abu Jaber. Qatari culinary expert Chef Aisha Al Tamimi, known for preparing tasty local dishes, will also hold daily workshops, in cooperation with Chef Fawwaz Al Omaim, to train the chefs of hotels and local restaurants on cooking traditional Qatari and Khaleeji recipes.

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To enrich the activities of QIFF 2015 and to build upon the “Qatar-Turkey 2015 Year of Culture,” the festival will also host Chef Baran Yucel, head chef of Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge in Katara, who will prepare delicious Turkish dishes. In addition, other chefs from different hotels and restaurants in Qatar will also participate in this unique cultural and entertainment festival, which will  provide tourists and guests from around the globe with wide ranging culinary options, focusing primarily on families and children.

Philips, a company specialized in cooking appliances, will also participate in the festival as an event partner, with Chef Deema Hajjawi, Philips Middle East brand ambassador attending. Chef Deema is famous for preparing tasty meals, and is the star of a number of cooking programmes on pan-Arab television channels. She presents the show "Dunya ya Dunya" on Jordanian Ru’ya TV. Chef Deema has also published two successful cookbooks and is now preparing to publish a third.

QIFF is a cultural and social event highlighting the various foods and their relation to the history and civilisations of people around the world. QTA launched QIFF in 2010 as part of its efforts to work in partnership with stakeholders in the public and private sectors to plan, organise, promote and develop a sustainable tourism sector that would contribute to Qatar's future and make Qatar a top tourist destination.