Posted on March 30, 2011

QATAR will launch Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS) by the second half of this year.

The new system, which will be deployed for the first time in the region, will provide real-time information about the status of traffic on the entire road network in the country.

In order to collaborate on the development and deployment of the intelligent traffic monitoring system, the Qatar University Wireless Innovations Center (QUWIC) at the Qatar Science and Technology Park signed two agreements with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning on Tuesday.

The agreements were signed by Minister of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning HE Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al Thani and Qatar University President Dr Sheikha Abdulla al Misnad.

QUWIC Executive Director Dr Adnan Abu Dayya and Undersecretary at the ministry Eng Ali Abdulla al Abdulla were also present on the occasion.

The new system will feature intelligent transport applications and services such as travel time, trip planning, best route, fleet management and incident management information that will be delivered to the residents through the Web, mobile apps, SMS, and voice service.

As part of the agreement, the urban ministry will provide valuable logistical and financial support to develop the ITMS and will become a partial owner of the system.

QU and the municipal affairs ministry also decided to work together in collaboration with strategic partners for creating a private entity which will be responsible for commercial deployment and operation of the ITMS system and its applications.

The intelligent traffic monitoring system will utilise multiple sources of data collected through different methods of fixed and mobile sensors.

Millions of data records collected daily will then be processed through QUWIC’s intelligent platform to generate real-time traffic information.

Addressing the media, the minister said that the ITMS solution is vital for proper planning, development, operation and optimisation of a quality transportation system needed by Qatar to support its economic and social growth in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Abu Dayya said, “Building an end-to-end intelligent traffic monitoring system has been the main aim of QUWIC since its inception about two years ago.

It is important for Qatar to develop new applications and services targeting transport, logistics and transit sectors.

For example, if we know which streets are congested based on real-time traffic information we can make better choices on which route to take to save time and energy.

Other applications include incident management which can be utilised to find where accidents may have happened.

These applications are very useful to consumers as well as businesses.

We are determined, with the support of key national and international partners, to make QUWIC a regional leader in innovative technology”.

source: Qatar Tribune