Posted on April 02, 2019

Expanding executive leadership development through local partnerships, Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC) signed a contract with Qatar Social Work (QSW) for the executive education program, Basmati – a nine-month, senior administration training program delivered in both English and Arabic. The comprehensive, multi-modular structure of the program is aimed at raising leadership efficiency through advanced methodologies in mentorship, communication, management of change, and conceptual leadership.

In an official signing ceremony attended by representatives of both organizations, Director of Programs at QLC, Mohammed S. M. Alrumaihi, and CEO of QSW, Amal A. Al-Mannai, signed the agreement in the presence of distinguished guests and media personnel. 

By applying best global practices in leadership development strategies, Basmati incorporates reflection on personal and professional goals in order to approach the work environment positively and efficiently. A total of 136 participants from four tiers of QWS mid- and senior-level administrative teams (including department directors, department managers, executives and core staff, as well as special "ambassadors of change" for each training center) will benefit from the program’s innovative face-to-face classroom and reality-based training approach.

CEO of QSW, Amal A. Al-Mannai, said: "We have entered into this professional skills development program with our partners at QLC because we believe that leadership is a pivotal requirement in the workforce today. The program’s objectives align with our long-term organizational goals, which places emphasis on the growth of our institution and the continued development of leadership competencies amongst our team members. Building on a previous foundational assessment and comprehensive evaluation, the overall goal is to advance employees’ personal skills and establish successful work relationships between members of staff and management.”

“Basmati reflects the desire of making unparalleled difference, and through the Basmati program, we look forward to further fostering an organizational culture that is motivated by a forward-looking, creative vision; one that ultimately allows us to dynamically adapt to changes, develop innovative problem-solving skills, and identify solutions as a team.” In accordance with the agreement, participants will get the opportunity to engage in the program’s dynamic activities and events calendar. The Basmati program seeks to develop participant competencies across four multi-day modules entitled The Leader Within You and the Concept of Leadership, Managing Change Effectively, Effective Communications Skills, and Effective Guidance and Mentorship.

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Commenting on this momentous occasion, Alrumaihi said: “We are honored to enter into this collaboration with QSW – one of the leading national institutions for social work in Qatar. Serving the advancement of social dynamics is a noble profession. As such, we proudly join forces to contribute to human capital development, following a shared commitment to the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV2030) as prescribed by His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani.” “Today’s contract agreement reinforces QLC’s unrelenting support of the advancement of social work in Qatar as we look towards a common aspiration of Qatari self-reliance across all industry sectors. Practical training and education opportunities such as QLC’s growing portfolio of corporate governance programs underline the progressive development of human capital,” he concluded.

The impact of the program will be assessed though Checkpoint 360 -  an innovative leadership assessment tool used to identify and prioritize development opportunities and leadership skills. In addition, internal assessment measures will include module-specific as well as pre-and post-training surveys. QLC’s longstanding experience in developing efficient leadership development programs for individuals and institutions flourishes through its strategic partnerships with national leaders in industry and academia. As such, the Centre continues to occupy a vital role in the furtherance of human capital in Qatar as set forth by the collective core mandate of QNV2030.

Since its launch in 2014, QLC’s Institutional Program offers a unique leadership education platform for Qatari government institutions and public sector organizations to advance institutional performance and enhance managerial competencies. Designed for ambitious Qatari professionals in public, private and government organizations, the program includes customized training courses, seminars and executive solutions based on individual institution needs.

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