Posted on March 13, 2019

The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) has received a number of members of the Qatar Leadership Centre on Tuesday 12/3/2019 in order to learn about PSA mandate and role in following up the implementation of the plans and projects related to Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030.

The visit came within the framework of PSA awareness-raising plan. It aims at achieving community partnership between PSA and society segments in Qatar in order to raise and enhance the levels of education and enlightenment in the community; informing them about the concept of statistics and its data sources, previous censuses and the importance of their results, as well as the coming census in 2020; and learning about the services provided by PSA in support of development decision-making in Qatar.

Explaining the drive behind the Centre’s visit to PSA, Acting Managing Director at QLC, Dr. Ali J. Al Kubaisi said: “Through its National Leadership Programs, QLC develops the country’s talent pool to meet national objectives in social development, domestic production and international commerce.” “In today’s session at PSA, the national state planners outlined to our participants the vision they have planned for our country – and made it very clear to all of us: if we are to achieve the goals outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030, our programs’ participants will have to play their respective roles as the architects of our future, in which Qatar achieves exemplary progress through self-sufficiency.”

In a briefing lecture, Ms. Maha Ali Al-Merekhi, Director of the Strategy Implementation Follow-up Department, made reference to a number of important points and themes related to the Second National Development Strategy (NDS-2) 2018-2022, which comes as a continuation of NDS-1 (2011-2016). This strategy aims to sustain economic, social, human and environmental development through the planning and implementation of projects based on facts and figures that contribute to the prosperity of all sectors in the State.

NDS-2 performance management process constitutes an important transformation in measuring the performance and progress made by all sectors in Qatar. During the brief, Ms. Maha Al-Merekhi answered many questions about Qatar National Vision 2030, PSA role in the planning process and the most important elements and mechanisms it follows to carry out the development plans. For his part, Mr. Saoud Matar Al-Shammari, Assistant Director of Census, Surveys and Statistical Methods Department, spoke about the importance of the census and its role in the development process. Moreover, he has discussed the plan of the Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2020, and the main themes of focus to be developed and improved by PSA staff.

QLC serves as a national development institute that was founded upon the directive of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani in 2010, and seeks to develop leadership talent amongst Qatari professionals who work in executive positions in government institutions as well as public sector and private sector organizations. Following the organizations’ shared core mandate to advance human capital across the national industry sectors as prescribed by QNV2030, QLC and PSA continue to promote the highest standard of professional excellence and proactive dedication towards Qatar’s national development strategy.

At the end of the visit, Qatar Leadership Center members expressed their appreciation for the significant role played by the Planning and Statistics Authority in the country and the opportunity they earned to closely learn about PSA work, tasks and plans.

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