Posted on June 16, 2011

Qatar leads the development efforts in the Republic of the Comoros, especially after the Donor Conference, hosted by Doha in March 2010, and the historic visit of the Emir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani to Moroni. The visit reflected the Qatari leadership’s keenness to ensure the success of the decisions and commitments of the Donor Conference (Conference for the Support of Development and Investment in the Comoros) and to help this country in building its economic structure after the political stability.

At the end of the Donors’ Conference, Qatar pledged more than $200m from various Qatari institutions, charities, humanitarian organisations and companies that launched development projects in the Comoros. The Comoros, which recently celebrated the victory of its president-elect Ikililou Dhoinine, become a workshop for Qatari institutions, charities and economic companies on various sectors of health, education, tourism and investment.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Coordinator of the Arab Committee for Development and Investment in the Comoros Mohammad Al Laham said that Qatar is the only country which started to work effectively in the Comoros through its various charity institutions in accordance with the decisions of the Donors Conference in Doha.

He said Qatari charities work in coordination with the committee to make all projects and initiatives fall in line with the five-year plan for development in the three Comorian islands (Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli), which are supervised by the Arab Committee, chaired by Assistant Foreign Minister for Follow Up Affairs H E Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi.

Al Laham added that the projects of the Qatari charity institutions include education and health projects as well as other social projects such as marriage, orphans’ insurance and a project for disabled people. He called on all donors to fulfil their pledges they had made during the conference.

Qatar Charitable Society, Eid Charitable Foundation, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani’s Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), Qatar Red Crescent Society, Sheikh Jassem Bin Jabor Al Thani Charity Institution in addition to Qatari companies, have implemented numerous investment projects aimed at extending assistance to the Comoros.

Early this month, Qatar Charitable Society started implementing a number of projects meant to maintain and equip various schools and hospitals with an estimated cost of over QR2m, which are scheduled to be completed before the end of 2011. Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has earlier assigned Qatar Charitable Society to prepare the necessary studies for three restoration and construction projects of municipal building, a meeting room in addition to the construction and paving a road of 9km length in Moheli.

The plan will also cover the restoration of 26 primary schools with an approximate cost of QR1.5m and the maintenance of four clinics in the island, which costs approximately QR500m. During the regular meeting of the Arab Committee for Development and Investment in the Comoros, chaired by Qatar and held in Moroni in February, 2011, Qatar Charitable Society announced the launching of QR10m projects and pledged to implement QR55m social health and education projects over five years.

For its part, Eid Charitable Foundation has allocated $13m for charitable and development projects in Comoros over the period 2010-2015, aimed at combatting poverty and promoting health, education and women development. The Foundation has so far carried out various charitable projects in the Comoros by sponsoring the celebrations of mass wedding for 51 young couples and implementing the Food Basket Program, which targeted 230 families.

In the agricultural Sector, Eid Charitable Foundation carries out a QR250,000 rice and potatoes planting project along a land area of approximately 30 hectares. While Qatar Red Crescent Society allocated medical projects worth $3m in cooperation with RAF. Sheikh Jassem bin Hamad bin Jabor Al Thani Charitable organization will build a $37m, modern hospital in Anjouan.

While RAF pledged around $15m to carry out “The RAF Program to Support Comoros” which includes the education, medical and training sectors, in addition to spread the teaching of the Holy Qur’an education. Qatar National Hotels (QNH) have signed a number of agreement with the Ministry of tourism in April, 2011 aimed at establishing a $70m resort in the Comorian capital, Moroni.

source: The Peninsula