Posted on September 05, 2011

Qatar is expected to spend a staggering $170bn on hosting FIFA World Cup 2022, said an eminent German legal and financial adviser Dr Nicola Ritter.

He was speaking at a summit of investors held at Munich. “Qatar is fully prepared to host this giant event successfully”, said Ritter. Some $48bn will be spent to build air-conditioned stadiums. However, some $77bn will be channeled into making facilities to accommodate the flooding crowds of soccer fans and players from all over the world.

The remaining $45bn will be allocated for developing the Lusail city which will come on area of 20 square kilometers located at North East of Doha. The city will be prepared to accommodate more than 200,000 people. Lusail city will have cinema halls, theaters, playgrounds, commercial complexes and vast green areas for family entertainment.

Qatar bagged the 2022 bid over rivals Australia, Japan, South Korea and the United States. They committed in their bid document to building nine new stadiums and renovating three existing grounds at a cost of around $3bn. The biggest issue that fans and organisers have to look forward to is from a geographical point of view, because clearly Qatar is very hot. In June and July, when the World Cup is held, temperatures reach 42, sometimes 50 degrees celsius.

So Qatar will build 12 new stadiums that are climate controlled for fans and players. They will be solar powered, so it will be environmentally friendly. Qatar is also promising to spend $50bn on public transport at the moment. There will be a new airport and metro system.”   

Recently, Qatar had confirmed for the 2020 Olympics bid after receiving positive feedback on plans to stage the showpiece in the autumn to escape searing 40C-plus summer temperatures in the Gulf.

source: The Peninsula

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