Posted on February 17, 2019

Traditional medicine is the foundation of today’s modern healthcare in Qatar, with the field evolving rapidly in recent decades. Qatar National Library’s exhibition, “Healthcare in Qatar: Development and Milestones Over 70 Years,” charts this progression from early medical practices to the development of today’s healthcare infrastructure. It is open to visitors during the Library’s working hours and will run until 31 March.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, Director of the Information Center at the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences in Kuwait, marked the opening of the exhibition with a lecture that highlighted the advancements in medical research and development across the Islamic world. “It is important for our new generation to learn from the achievements of our forefathers in the field of medicine. This region has a rich medical history, which needs to be highlighted through exhibitions such as this,” said Dr. Al-Awadhi. “I am delighted to have a chance to share my insights with the people of Qatar and to build a relationship with this beautiful library.” 

Qatar National Library’s exhibition 1 [].jpg

Mahasen Salahuddin Khairi, a visitor to the exhibition, said, “Attending the lecture and visiting the exhibition was really informative to me as a practicing doctor. It is fascinating to find out that Qatar has a long history of medical practices, especially in the field of surgery.” To learn more about the Library’s upcoming events, please visit

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