Posted on April 22, 2019

Qatar National Library recently took part in the Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNL-AO). Held at the National Library Board in Singapore, the conference was attended by library directors from 20 countries throughout Asia and Oceania, who discussed the future of national libraries and ways to remain relevant to future generations. 

Dr. Stuart Hamilton, Deputy Executive Director of International Relations and Communications at the Library, attended the conference, sharing insights about the significance of the Library’s international partnerships, with a focus on the progress it has made over the past year.

“Together with our partners around the world, we continue to bring libraries and institutions closer to share knowledge and expertise. The Library works with international libraries, archives, and cultural institutions to promote research and make the history of Qatar and the region more accessible,” said Dr. Hamilton. “As a national library, we are creating tremendous value for the people of Qatar, as thousands of users from the local community visit us every month to use the incredible resources available free of cost, and attend one of the many events we hold. We are becoming a hub for everyone in the community to learn, engage, and excel.”

At the conference, Dr. Hamilton met with Mrs Elaine Ng, Chief Executive Officer of the National Library Board in Singapore, and discussed Qatar National Library’s progress. Dr. Hamilton also met with Mrs Tan Huism, Director of the National Library at the National Library Board in Singapore, and  gifted a copy of the Heritage Library Catalogue, “It All Began with ‘Read’: Unfolding the Arab’s History,” which showcases the range of historical manuscripts and other items available at the Heritage Library.

Dr. Hamilton also attended the Second Silk Road International Forum for Libraries. The forum highlighted the role of durable international partnerships, and the exchange of historical items, as a way of enhancing the role of libraries across the region. In his presentation at the Forum, Dr. Hamilton revealed the range of historical manuscripts available at the Library. These include the largest collection outside China of Chinese-produced Qur’ans, and the Cihânnümâ, or Book of the World, which contains the most advanced summary of Ottoman knowledge in geography, hydrography, political geography, and the road networks of each continent.