Posted on May 10, 2011

QNRF, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, will hold its 3rd Annual Forum on Wednesday, May 18th 9:00 am at the Grand Hyatt hotel, West Bay Lagoon, Doha.

A key component of Qatar Foundation’s strategy to create a knowledge-based society, QNRF is dedicated to creating a research culture that will satisfy the goals and ambitions of Qatar National Vision 2030. By educating and encouraging the spirit of lateral thinking through its funding programs, QNRF’s activities will contribute to the development of human capital, ultimately leading to scientific breakthroughs and sustainable economic diversification.

The Forum’s agenda is designed to inform, educate and update not only practitioners of QNRF funded research, but also those institutional research office team members who provide much needed support to the research teams by using QNRF’s cutting-edge online grant management and submission systems.

As a platform for ideas and views to be put forward, previous Forums have proven to be a valuable part of the feedback mechanism encouraged by QNRF as it continues its in-house development of what is now acknowledged to be a state-of–the-art system. The structure of this year’s Forum should stimulate further interaction.

The opening speech will be given by Dr. Amer Al Sady, Scientific Research Advisor for Qatar Foundation and Projects Director at QNRF, speaking about the end of the first cycle and its output. Other speakers will include Sunitha Shyam, Award Administration Assistant, who will be outlining the pre-funding requirements for awarded projects, as well as Dr. Omar Boukhris, Award Administration Manager, elaborating on new reporting models and their impact. The connection between QNRF awarded projects and the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) highlighting commercialization possibilities will be explained by Bowman Heiden, Director of Innovation.

QSTP is home to technology-based companies from around the world. and an incubator for start-ups enterprises. Providing premises and services, its support programs help develop and commercialise technologies.

Whilst there will be topical presentations on subjects vital to the integrity and sustainability of research, as well as updates on systems, policies and procedures, the highlight of the Forum will be an announcement by Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF, on the outcome of the 4th cycle of QNRF’s flagship funding program, the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP).