Posted on October 12, 2011

State of Qatar has participated in the events  of the Twelfth Meeting of  Arab Work Team for specially pursuing the  international environmental conventions on desertification and biodiversity, which recently held in Cairo in the presence of Mr. Khalid Hilal Anzi, head of Research Department at the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Fawaz Al Suwaidi, the  head of Biodiversity, and Mr. Mohammed Rumaihi, Biology Specialist at the ministry.

"The main target  of this meeting is integrating the vision of the  environmental  issues  for the next international conferences, as well as following-up the implementation of international conventions on combating desertification and international biodiversity of several organizations which support the requirements of international conventions on combating desertification"  Mr. Anzi said.

"There is great Arab cooperation for the preparation of  (Rio20+) conference that will be held in Brazil 2012" he said. 

"In addition, future proposals , and international challenge will be  discussed in this regard" he added.