Posted on April 13, 2019

Qatar is a peace loving country and a model for development under a dynamic leadership, Cuba’s Ambassador to Qatar HE Eumilio Caballero Rodriguez has said.

“I admire Qatar’s strategy for development. It is very well defined,” the envoy told Qatar Tribune in an interview. “The country’s leadership is utilising its vast wealth not only to provide better conditions for the present generation, but also for the upcoming generations,” he said.

The ambassador was also all praise for Qatar’s diplomacy. “I admire Qatar’s diplomacy, which is based on very strong principles and complies with international relations. It is fine and sophisticated,” he said. “I like when I see the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, HE the Prime Minister or other leaders advocating for peaceful solutions to the current crisis with their neighbouring countries based on dialogue and negotiations,” he added. “During my 35 years of diplomatic career, I have served in many countries, but my experience in Qatar is really unique,” the envoy noted. “I am especially fond of Qataris preserving their traditions and culture amid communities from around the world. It’s a unique combination where people live in harmony despite cultural differences. You can’t find this anywhere in the world”, he pointed out.

The ambassador said that Katara has played a major role in bringing people of different cultures together. “Katara is truly building bridges between cultures. I and my family have enjoyed our stay here more than anywhere else in the world. We have been here for the last two years, but it seems like we came just yesterday.” The envoy further remarked that both he and his wife are diplomats, which makes their mission more effective. “A Cuban ambassador’s spouse always gets an opportunity to contribute in the delegation as it is the right of women in Cuba to work and represent their country,” he said.

source: Qatar Tribune