Posted on February 11, 2020

Qatar Post organized a full day of festivities featuring sports related activities for staff and their families to mark the 9th Qatar National Sports Day at Qatar Sports Club.

Activities featured a walkathon, jogging, table tennis, football, and volleyball to name a few. The day also brought to a close an inter-departmental football tournament that has been underway since October 2019. It was an occasion for the final four teams – Connected, Global Mail, EMS, and Direct Mail – to battle it out for the glory. At the end, Global Mail lifted the trophy.

Apart from sports, the 9th Qatar National Sports Day was an opportunity to promote welfare and healthy lifestyle of Qatar Post staff and their family members, who were welcomed by senior officials and led by Chairman and Managing Director Faleh Al-Naemi. Faleh Al-Naemi, Chairman and Managing Director, said: “The prosperity of any country depends on the health of its people. Although all our events on Qatar National Sports Day were designed to provide light-hearted and fun-filled vibes, the underlying purpose behind its theme is very serious and imperative for everyone, with the main objective being to promote sports and educate the population on ways to cut down and reduce health risks that are linked with an inactive lifestyle.”

Qatar Post regularly celebrates Qatar’s sporting achievements. Recently, it issued a set of two stamps to mark the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup, which was held for the first time in Qatar from 11-21 December 2019.