Posted on November 12, 2013

The Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) has always given paramount importance to promoting a safe working environment as well as the incident and injury free (IIF) culture, and the company considers good health, safety and environment practices as an investment rather than cost.

The company has continuously pursued the goal of achieving the highest standards in the fields of Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE) practices by setting rules, regulations and internal control on the contractors, resulting in the effectiveness of QHSE system. A testimony of Qatar Rail’s stringent policy on safety and environment is recent accomplishment of  10 million hours with no accidents or injuries since the inception of the project. This was achieved due to the policies that rely on international standards of HSE such as ISO 9001, ISO 14004, OHSAS 18001

Fahed Al Jaber, QHSE Director at Qatar Rail said , “the company always works to maintain international safety standards in the areas of safety, health, quality and environment”. He added that professional safety strategy in Qatar is one of the company’s priorities, as we always aim at getting no single accident even if it is simple. “our safety procedures are applied on the ground and underground”.


Qatar Rail is building new sustainable friendly-environment railway and world class Metro through adopting green technologies and best local and international practices to be one of the leading companies in the world. The company is aware of working with leading companies, such as contracting companies and partners in the program, and focusing on the health and wellness of  labours.

“Our company adopts prevention system from cranes clash, and modern prevention system from fire in the tunnels, and also inspection of fire prevention and fighting fire. It also has good system for health and wellness of labours. Qatar Rail promotes work culture with no harms and accidents through its structure and systems, no deaths, no injuries that cause permanent disability or long term harm, no disease of the staff and partners in the project, and no injuries of the public,” said Al- Jaber

He added “Qatar Rail seeks to have productive workforce and suitable work situations, through providing high- tech ventilation in the tunnels, monitoring the tunnels’ materials, protecting the cultural heritage, building sustainable railway and world class railway in Qatar”. Qatar Rail projects are one of the main pillars of Qatar development, and one of the safest  and most friendly environment systems in the world. The Doha Metro will help in reducing CO2 emissions, and that will save the environment as outlined in the Qatar Vision 2030”.