Posted on November 03, 2013

The Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail), the company overseeing the construction of the much-anticipated integrated railway network, is pleased to announce its participation in the International Federation for public transport summit on public transportation which will be held in Doha, on November 4, 2013.

The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) is a public transport organisation that encompasses authorities, operators, legislators, and scientific institutions related to the transit industry. The presence of Qatar Rail at the event will strengthen the company’s position as the global partner for sustainable transport. The participation is driven by our sense of responsibility to support institutions in serving the community.

The summit will be a platform for ministries, projects owners, and experts for exchange of ideas with the primary players in the sector. In addition, the summit will also provide the platform to discuss industry trends and best practices, as well as the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas with peers in the region in the field of smart solutions of public transport, and traffic flow during big events.

Delivering the rail networks as part of a sustainable future is important to Qatar Rail. Qatar Rail supports the 4 pillars of Qatar’s National Vision 2030: Economic, Social, Human and Environmental Development – including the significant benefits of reducing congestion and emissions – and leading to the more efficient movement of people and goods.

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In terms of environment, the Metro will help in reducing traffic and CO2 emissions. Qatar Rail will conduct more studies to see how the metro can meet the sustainability goals determined by Qatar national Vision 2030.

To create awareness about Qatar Rail’s Metro project, the company is exhibiting the metro design in the student’s Center at the Qatar Foundation from October 27 till the opening of the summit. The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce to the students regarding the designs of Metro and to update them on the execution phases of the metro.

The State of Qatar started executing the Long Distance: Passengers and Freight Rail which will be developed and managed by Qatar Rail. In addition,it will be an essential part of Qatar’s urban infrastructure and will be recognised as one of the most successful, safe and environmentally- friendly rail systems in the world.

Qatar Rail will not only provide the people of Qatar with an efficient and environmentally friendly travel option but it will bring greater recognition to the State of Qatar within the global transportation industry.