Posted on October 02, 2015

The State of Qatar reaffirmed support for all the serious initiatives aimed at building bridges between different cultures and societies, which will have positive effects to enhance values of human solidarity, democracy, development and peace in all parts of the world.

This came in Qatar's statement delivered by Qatar's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Other Organizations in Geneva, HE Ambassador Faisal bin Abdullah Al Henzab (pictured), before the Ministerial Meeting of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Group of Friends held in New York on the sidelines of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly. He said that this meeting is of great importance in light of the circumstances the world is witnessing, which requires to exert more efforts to promote peace, security and stability in the world, and to ensure co-existence for our future generations.

He added that what the world is experiencing divisions, tensions, instability, violations and abuses of human rights, threatening the peace and embodying the importance of the role that could be played by the Alliance of Civilizations through its creative activities aimed at defusing tensions, bridging the gap between the cultural and religious identities, improving and developing understanding and cooperation among nations to achieve peace.

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The State of Qatar pays attention to the Alliance of Civilizations as a complement to the political and security efforts undertaken by the United Nations and the international community for the prevention of conflicts and the creation of appropriate post-conflict environments, HE Henzab said. Despite the UN General Assembly's proclamation of 2001 2001 as the United Nations Year of Dialogue, the world is witnessing many international ongoing crises, which undermines according to HE Henzab the idea of dialogue and threaten the international security and peace while the world is experiencing widespread abuse of the international humanitarian law by authoritarian regimes to their own people and terrorist groups alike. 

HE Henzab stressed that the Alliance of Civilizations will spare no effort in supporting the international community to stop such violations, face the increasing international challenges, build bridges of understanding among civilizations, promote dialogue frameworks among cultures and religions and enhance respect for cultural and religious pluralism.