Posted on July 27, 2017

Qatar has reiterates its continued commitment to international peace and security and to continue its international and bilateral efforts to combat terrorism and settle disputes peacefully, despite unilateral measures and blockade. This came in a statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani, at the UN Security Council session on "The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian issue."

Sheikha Alia said that Qatar, faced with unilateral action and blockade by the will of its people and with the firm support of its friends in the region and the world, and on the basis of international law, the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of friendly relations among States, It affirms its continued fulfillment of its international obligations to strengthen international peace and security, its efforts to settle disputes through peaceful means and its international and bilateral counter-terrorism efforts. Sheikha Alia stressed Qatar's commitment to mediation efforts led by the Emir of Kuwait H H Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, to resolve the current Gulf crisis.

On the latest developments in the occupied city of Jerusalem, she said that the closure of the Holy Aqsa Mosque and declaring it a military area and preventing worshipers from entering it does not serve peace and stability and contradicts the efforts to achieve peace and settle the Palestinian issue according to agreed standards as well as contradicts the principle of not compromising the status quo in the Holy Aqsa Mosque. She reiterated Qatar's strong condemnation of the Israeli authorities preventing Friday prayers at the Holy Aqsa Mosque for the first time since 1969, urging the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to stop these violations of the Islamic sanctities as this is a provocation to the feelings of millions of Muslims in the world and would not serve the peace process.

We should make the current state of escalation at Al-Haram Al-Sharif as a reminder of the seriousness of the explosive situation in the Middle East, and as an additional incentive for all of us to move more seriously towards achieving a just and comprehensive solution to the Middle East issue. The ambassador said that after seven decades of the Middle East issue, with the absence of a fair and lasting settlement and the stalled of the peace process, makes the peoples of the region look more than ever before for peace and stability, especially as they face a new cycle of escalation and tension.

She stressed the need for urgent action by the international community to put an end to these tensions and to give hope to the peoples of the region by reviving the peace process, which would bear fruit in the face of the challenges posed by terrorism and violent extremism. She underscored the importance of reactivating the peace process, stressing the commitment of all parties to prevent escalation, to resort to international law and to provide the necessary environment conducive to a lasting, comprehensive and just settlement.

She said the solution based on the establishment of two states, Palestine and Israel, living in peace and security side by side, and recognition of the right of Palestine as an independent state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative. In this context, Sheikha Alia highlighted the efforts made by Qatar to support a peaceful and just solution to the Middle East issue, pointing out that the State of Qatar has been steadfast in supporting any direction towards enhancing the chances of that solution.

Qatar has made great efforts at the political and humanitarian levels to provide an environment conducive to the prospects for advancing the peace process, she said, referring Qatar's efforts to support the Palestinian-Palestinian dialogue and its efforts to provide humanitarian assistance in coordination with the United Nations to create an environment conducive to peace. Regarding the situation in Syria, Sheikha Alia said that the continued suffering of the Syrian people, the high human price and the danger of the continuation of the situation in Syria on regional and international security necessitate the speedy conclusion of a political solution to the Syrian crisis through the implementation of all UN related Security Council resolutions.

Sheikha Alia said that Qatar will continue its efforts with international partners to support all efforts aimed at achieving this goal and will continue to harness potential to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of our brethren in Syria and to implement our humanitarian commitments within the framework of the United Nations. Concluding, she expressed the hope that security, peace and stability would prevail in the Middle East region and all crises facing the region to be settled in accordance with the UN and international law.