Posted on January 07, 2015

The number of road fatalities in Qatar is soaring, with the highest death rate recorded in 2014, according to figures released by the Ministry of Development, Planning and Statistics (MDPS), said Arabian Business. Twenty-five people died in traffic-related incidents in November, following 24 in October. The highest count last year was 29 in April. The total number for the year has not yet been released but the country was on track to record its worst year for traffic deaths, as road works and a population boom cause increasing havoc on the country’s roads.

The Qatari population grew by more than 200,000 in 2014 compared to 2013, government statistics released recently said, while there have been numerous major road work projects to accommodate the increased number of cars on the road. A World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that in 2010, Qatar had the lowest rate of road deaths in the GCC at 247. Of those that died, 38 percent were drivers, 28 percent were passengers in vehicles, 32 percent were pedestrians and motorcyclists accounted for 3 percent. In that year, 1.24 million people were estimated to have died on roads worldwide.