Posted on July 13, 2014

The State of Qatar confirmed that it has accomplished exemplary achievements in the area of health and made tireless efforts to strengthen a safe and effective health care system to ensure the creation of conducive preparedness to improve the health equitably for all through strategies, programmes and awareness campaigns in the area of health, which is one of the essential factors for promoting the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. 

This came in the statement by the State of Qatar delivered by Acting Charge d'Affaires at Qatar's Permanent Mission to the United Nations Youssuf Sultan Laram before the high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. 

He said that the utmost attention paid by the state to the health sector was embodied through the excellence of health services, their comprehensiveness, diversity of their specializations, their advanced equipment and the presence of the finest local and global experiences, noting that the budget of the fiscal year 2013-2014 included an increase of 13 percent to achieve better levels of health services. Health also is one of the key aspects in terms of human development pillar as progress in health care is an integral part of the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030, Laram said. 

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He added that the system of social health insurance in the State of Qatar provides a mandatory health insurance coverage through a network of health care providers from both the public and private sectors and represents an important pillar in the achievement of the national strategy for health and the accomplishment of Qatar National Vision 2030. 

He explained that the National Health Strategy 2011- 2016 is primarily aimed to encourage healthy lifestyles and to promote the public health and health care delivery based on the achievement of the quality of the community as a basis for a successful and integrated health care system , in addition to delivering the highest possible level of health care and by providing preventive and curative services .