Posted on December 05, 2016

Through an immense function including a concourse of dignitaries and those interested and involved in the field of social work, "Qatar Social Work" has held an important awareness function comprising the Foundation's representatives and its affiliated Centres. In such an event, the Foundation has brought to a close a series of functions and systematic campaigns, targeting all sectors of society, defining the role of the Foundation and its Centres, and highlighting its vision and message.

This function is a culmination of the continuing efforts exerted by the Foundation and Centres, stressing the principle of national partnership with society through a direct meeting with the media, strategic partners, and the public.

Her Highness, Sheikha Moza Bint Naser Al-Misnad (God bless her), founded "Qatar Social Work" in July 2013. As an NGO for social development, it is geared towards developing civil society organizations working under its umbrella, consolidating their capacities and advancing them, and activating their role in society. It is worth noting that the Centres affiliated under the Foundation's umbrella include: Centre for Protection and Social Rehabilitation (AMAN), Centre for Family Consultations (WIFAQ), Centre for Orphan Care (DREAMA), Centre for Empowering and Caring for the Elderly above the age of 60 (EHSAN), Centre for the Disabled (SHAFALLAH), Centre for Youth Development (NAMA), and Qatar-Best Buddies Initiative.

AMAN aims at protecting and rehabilitating victims (women and children) of domestic violence, whereas WIFAQ Centre targets families suffering from marriage-related problems. As for DREAMA, it caters for orphans and a child aged 18 born of unknown parent(s), temporarily or permanently deprived of a natural family ambience. For its part, IHSAN looks after individuals exceeding 60. SHAFALLAH, however, targets mentally-retarded and autistic individuals, providing their ages do not exceed 21. Also, NAMA offers services for youth entrepreneurship and social development. Finally, Qatar-Best Buddies Initiative is concerned with integrating individuals with simple and intermediate mental and growth disability into society.

This function has also included specific spots in a series of publicity and media campaigns, shedding light on attractive state-of-the-art brand identities issued for the Centres, expressing the Centres' strategic trends. This event has also displayed some creative scenes depicting "Qatar Foundation for Social Work" as a single umbrella embracing and supporting those segments of society targeted by the respective specialized Centres. Moreover, these creative scenes have reflected a unified message to the effect that "Qatar Social Work" evolves the structure and institutionalization of civil society organizations embedded within it, and develops their brand identities and institutional culture by way of strengthening their role in line with Qatar's national vision 2030.

Meanwhile, her Excellency Amal Bint Abdullateef Al-Manai, the Foundation's Executive President, has delivered a speech, touching on the efforts made in the field of social work, and on the development currently witnessed by the Qatari society in aspects of humanitarian work contributing to prosperity and drawing a bright image for a future in which all segments of women, men, children, the youth, the elderly, and the disabled collaborate. Her Excellency has also confirmed that "community work is one of the genuine approaches to our true religion maintained by parents and grandparents. For our part, we are keen on calling the Qatari youth to persevere this approach and complement it by using their skills and technical and academic expertise, interacting -as long as we live- with existing values and principles in modern-age mentality."

She has indicated that "Qatar Social Work," through its different initiatives, confirms its role in promoting positive values and principles, such as voluntary work culture, social empowerment, and community partnership. Within this framework, the Foundation is keen on launching programmes and plans guaranteeing meeting the needs of all segments of society, including the youth, the elderly, and disadvantaged people. It ensures their integration into society, hence contributing to enhancing their self-confidence and independence for developing the Qatari society.