Posted on June 02, 2014

A host of international experts in nursing and midwifery have attended the International Public Sector Nursing Leaders Forum and the Fifth Meeting of Nursing Leaders held in Geneva. Delegates from across 52 countries including Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Deputy Chief of Continuing Care and Head of Nursing Affairs at the Supreme Council of Health (SCH), Dr. Nabila Al Meer, attended the events hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

There were a number of evidence-based discussions and workshops including the nursing leader forum titled: “Nursing and Midwifery staffing and Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage”, which focused on the efficiency of leadership in healthcare. It also shed light on issues affecting the quantity and quality of nursing staff and their ability to adapt to the work environment, as well as the nursing and midwifery role in enhancing comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Qatar takes part in International 2 [].jpg"Nursing leaders at the forum reiterated their commitment to take accurate and comprehensive measures in an effort to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the comprehensive healthcare strategies in their respective countries. Such measures would incorporate promoting a sustainable, integrated, and patient-based healthcare service,” said Dr. al Meer. Nursing leaders vowed to develop nursing and midwifery educational and training curricula to keep pace with the evolving professional trends, she added.

Recommendations such as promoting comprehensive healthcare globally and calling for efficient healthcare systems that are capable of catering to integrated healthcare needs of the public were issued at the conclusion of the meet.