Posted on May 15, 2011

The Qatar Tourism Authority will host Hya: An Exhibition for abayas, kaftans and evening gowns to be held from the 20th to 24th July, 2011 at the Doha Exhibition Center.

Hya will showcase the latest designs and trends for abayas, kaftans and evening gowns from Qatari and international designers as part of the first exhibition of its kind in the region. While many associate these wonderful garments with the color black, they are also personal expressions of creativity and individuality. The abaya has both a cultural and religious legacy which has evolved over the years although the concept has been always the same. Today, the abaya is a blend of history and fashion.

Designers from around the gulf region have already expressed an interest in exhibiting at the show which will feature fashion parades and cultural elements. “The Qatar Tourism Authority is organizing the exhibition after studying the booming abaya market in the region and what attracted consumers to these specialized and in some cases intricate items,” said Lahdan Ghanim Al Mohannadi Head of Organizing Internal Exhibition and  Exhibitions Services Department at the Qatar Tourism Authority.

Mr. Al Mohannadi said the exhibition was open to all established and budding abaya, kaftan and evening wear designers in Qatar and beyond and called on them to go to for more information or to register.

“This exhibition will offer a great marketing opportunity for designers and local, regional and international companies to showcase the latest trends and unique Gulf designs,” he said. “There are a great number of designers in Qatar and the region and this would be the ideal platform for them to gain greater exposure for their creations.”