Posted on December 01, 2014

The Admissions Department at Qatar University (QU) yesterday announced the admission requirements for the newly-established College of Medicine. The criteria will be applicable to students applying for Fall 2015 and will focus mainly on high school GPA, completing science courses, and English language and math skills. The University confirmed that a minimum high school GPA of 85% will be required as well as passing at least two of the following science subjects in high-school: biology, chemistry, and physics. The application for admission should also include a well-written statement to describe the candidate’s interest and motivation to study medicine.

In addition to college-specific requirements, all students applying to QU are expected to possess minimum basic skills to be eligible for enrollment in their desired academic programs. In order to be considered for undergraduate admission to programs which use English as the primary medium of instruction, including the College of Medicine, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English and Mathematics by satisfying QU’s minimum competency requirements, or successfully completing the Foundation Program at the University.

High-school percentage


High-school science tracks

Passed two out of 3 Science subjects at high school: Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Motivational letter

A brief statement to describe the candidate’s motivation to study medicine

Satisfying QU standard requirements in English and math 

Completion of Foundation Program or standardized tests (Accuplacer, TOEFL, IELTS SAT,etc.)

Additional material to strengthen the application (optional)

Volunteering, internship or community service experience in the medical field or other relevant experience.

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QU had announced earlier that the college is ready to receive 50 students in the first year. Meeting the criteria therefore does not guarantee admission and the college will select the candidates with the best credentials, with priority given to Qatari applicants. QU also clarified that admission criteria may be modified in future years according to the strength of the applicant pool and the available capacity in the college. Admission dates for Fall 2015 at Qatar University begin on 22 February 2015 until 9 July 2015.

On the occasion, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Ms Ghada Al Kuwari, said: “We aim to attract as many Qatari students as possible while promoting diversity and a high standard of quality. For this reason, the criteria were designed with the aim of prioritizing Qatari students of both genders, as well as highly qualified residents.” Ms Al Kuwari clarified that regional best practices were considered in the process but that the final decision was based on the averages of Qatari high school graduates and on the specific needs of the Qatari healthcare system. “As with all programs, admission criteria will be continuously assessed and reviewed to ensure a suitable balance between the growing capacities of the college, the requirements of the labor market, the abilities and interests of high school graduates and other factors”, she added.

More information about the admission criteria is now available on the College of Medicine’s new website