Posted on March 26, 2020

Dr. Khaled Al-Khater, Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs Office at QU affirms that the university is dealing seriously with the situation and workflow in accordance with the plans drawn up.

Currently the State of Qatar is dealing with a very sensitive issue which requires all the roles at offices to be active and work remotely according to the plan. Following up on the developments of Coronavirus in state, QU is taking decisions that ensures the health protection of male and female students and administrative and academic staff.   

In line with the precautionary measures and by controlling the spread of Coronavirus QU is holding meetings remotely. Dr. Al Khater said: “Different Health Departments at university are working on the ways to prevent this spread. University is making endless efforts to provide resources and work with technology by using various programs such as Blackboard, Microsoft Teams and WebEx. Workshops and trainings were made to make these system friendly enough to process, hotline is provided to students which answers all questions of students and academic staff.”

Dr. Al-Khater talked about the steps that the university has taken in this regard, starting with the university’s work enforcement according to the cabinet’s decision that states: “Reducing number of employees who are present in the workplaces of government entities into 20% out of the total workforce for each government entity in order to complete necessary works for the functioning and regularity of public facilities. This happens while 80% of employees will start their works remotely from their homes or upon request, which is effective for two weeks.”

Dr. Al-Khater praised the University’s colleges and various departments for working under the light of current circumstances. Clear and distinctive efforts of the facilities and security management in organizing and arranging matters shows readiness to implement any decision in future. “I urge all members of University to abide the rule and regulations and to continue to work with same enthusiasm during the time of crisis,” he added.