Posted on November 15, 2018

This week Qatar University (QU) organized for three consecutive days a succession of graduation ceremonies honoring graduating students from various colleges at its 41st installment. The ceremonies were attended by QU President Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, faculty members, staff, parents and honorees.

On Tuesday QU graduated students from five colleges: College of Education, College of Law, College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, College of Pharmacy and College of Health Sciences. Wednesday saw the graduation of College of Business and Economics, and on Thursday QU celebrated the College of Arts and Sciences, all held at the new Sports & Events Complex at QU.

Dr. Hassan welcomed the guests at the ceremony with a speech where he said, “I am proud to be present today to witness a distinguished group of graduates, ready to start a new arena of life, where they will play a crucial role in contributing to their community and homeland. Your journey at QU, which lasted around four years and woven each of you a different tale, has made a profound impact on everything you touched. Through these interactions, you have each formulated your own distinctive novel, which you will carry with you, like a badge in the next phase of your lives. This University is well aware that to achieve stability and greatness in society, it must be a group effort. You are the group effort. And our nation will achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030, under the great leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar.”

Qatar University honors its Class 2 [].jpg

Dr. Hassan continues, “Over the past few years, QU has taken a great amount of time, effort and capital to become an advanced university and to get the respective recognition for our work. We are a model example regionally, if not internationally. Following our development phase two years ago, we were able to achieve success in many ways and areas, which culminated into launching a new strategic plan that covers the years 2018-2022. We call this phase the ‘transformation,’ indicating a shift from ambitious vision to actual reality.”

“With the graduation of the class of 2018, it means that we are now at the 41st installment of both female and male students. Since the university’s inception in the late 1970’s, QU has aspired to be a beacon of knowledge, a light for the future of Qatar, and now the number of graduates exceeds 45,000, of them around 30,000 are Qataris. And since 1977, when QU was founded, the University has been the leader of higher education in the country, today it provides quality education in line with global standards to over 20,000 female and male students, and the fastest growing research dossier in the region.”

“Throughout this long, vibrant, fascinating journey, QU was the engine, the heart of society, the center of enlightenment. The University strived to provide the community with qualified graduates, scientists, advisors and researchers in all disciplines. And also throughout these years, the University continues to interact with the community, with the goal of developing it through academic experience and research. The University has to be at the heart of any event, any challenge that captivates the society and nation. So, we contribute with the expertise we encompass to draw strategies that promote stability in various social, economic and academic aspects, and support human development.”

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Dr. Hassan adds in his speech, “It is important to recognize that the University is especially keen on building a second class of leadership, including Qatari academics, who will work for the benefit of the future. This comes on the heels of QU establishing itself as a firmly rooted institution. And in this context, in the last four years, QU has carefully selected and hired over 130 new faculty members, both male and female, all of whom are Qatari.”

Dr. Hassan addresses the graduates, with some words of wisdom, saying, “The labor market in Qatar evolves constantly and swiftly, it can be a tough environment, with challenges that may not be easy for you. However, what heartens us is the positive feedback we hear about the performance of QU graduates in their workplaces. This underscores two important points, the first is the level of responsibility that our graduates possess; as well as their academic knowledge; personal and intellectual skills, such as the ability to engross themselves in the lifelong learning process; and the ability to think critically. The second point is that our graduates possess a distinctive quality in the labor market due to the level of advanced education they receive, the same of which their peers receive in international universities, as evidenced by the remarkable progress in the University’s international ranking. Today you will join your predecessors and become a positive addition to the job market, not only for your individual careers but also for the whole nation. We see you as a hope for the future of Qatar and expect you to join the efforts of achieving Qatar’s National Vision.”

Dr. Hassan concluded his speech by extending his thanks and gratitude to those who contributed in the graduation ceremony and all the efforts leading up to this week, including thanking the academic and administrative staff at QU.