Posted on April 06, 2020

Qatar University (QU) launched an Emergency Response Grant (ERG) in response to the potential exceptional impact of the current emergency situation.

This specific established grant is dedicated to emergency circumstances and will provide bridge support to new and early stage investigations that provide a basis for more extended research. The 2020 ERG theme is the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), which is part of the international research effort to respond to COVID-19 and supports a rapid initiation of scientific research. The launch of this grants comes from the University’s concern for the health and safety of the nation. QU is committed to working with its faculty and researchers to contribute to the current research investigations. ERG has a short lifecycle to accelerate the start of the awarded projects, due to the critical nature of the situations.

Professor Mariam Al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at QU, said, “This grant is in alignment with the University’s continuous efforts to provide research projects related to local and regional challenges, especially during the current situation that the world is living through. The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has demonstrated the significance value of supporting research on all human, technical and financial levels. It also showed us the importance of attracting and sponsoring additional research talents. The University has gained great experience and developed its educational and research skills during this global situation and it deepened its connection with the issues of the nation and its community. I am very confident that this grant will help us to attract distinguished specialized research talents.”

Professor Mohammed Al-Salem, Director of Research Support at QU, said, “Qatar University has gained valuable experience during the current challenging days on how to perform during crisis and emergency situations. I would like to stress on the importance of this grant as it provides a great opportunity for researchers to provide solutions to help humanity to progress and develop for the future and to overcome any challenges that may face the world like the Coronavirus (COVID-19)” The grants objectives include, establishing dedicated research projects and teams to tackle Coronavirus Disease; studying the virus from different perspectives, such as incubation duration, stages, shapes and strains; contributing to the enhancement of the proper protection plans and awareness; and highlighting QU role in addressing emerging concerns.

The grant is currently available for submission until 12 April 2020 for proposal intention and 28 April 2020 for final proposals. Submission is done through iGrants: