Posted on July 17, 2013

As part of supporting the Ministry of Interior’s national road safety campaign ‘One Second’, Qatargas has launched a special TV commercial aimed at promoting safe driving behaviour. 

The one-minute long TV commercial titled “Don’t Kill their Dreams”  is being aired on the local Arabic TV channel ‘Rayyan TV’ since the first day of Ramadan and will continue until the end of Ramadan.  The TVC will also be screened at the cinemas in Doha during the Eid holidays.  It can also be viewed online on Qatargas’ official website ( and on YouTube (Qatargas – TVC Road Safety 2013).

The TV commercial, produced as part of the Traffic Department’s annual Ramadan Road Safety Campaign which Qatargas is supporting for the seventh consecutive year, focuses on the aspect of children becoming innocent victims of the unsafe driving habits of adults and portrays how a traffic accident can kill their dreams and aspirations.  Children are affected not only when they are physically involved in traffic incidents.  Their lives are also adversely impacted when their parents become victims of such incidents.  The central message of the TVC is that everyone needs to take responsibility for the safety of children so they can live to realize their dreams.

Promoting road safety is a key element of Qatargas’ corporate social responsibility programme.  Several activities have been planned as part of this year’s Ramadan Road Safety Campaign, including events targeted specifically at children.  On the occasion of the ‘Garangao’ celebration that is held in the middle of Ramadan, a ‘Garangao’ festival will be held for families and kids, during which safe driving messages will be highlighted through various performances, games and quizzes. Goodies and gifts will also be distributed to children. Also during the final week of the campaign, infant car seats will be distributed to parents of new-born babies at Hamad Hospital.   

The month-long campaign is designed to deliver basic road safety messages such as the importance of following traffic rules and regulations and being attentive while driving, dangers of speeding, hazards of not wearing seat belts, of using mobile phones while driving etc.  The key message will be that road safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

For Qatargas, safety is a core value and a top priority in all areas of its business and operations.  The Company has a programme called “Incident and Injury Free” that focuses on taking all necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries before they occur and ensure that everyone goes home safely every day. Road safety is an integral parts of the Company’s overall safety culture.